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  1. Other Saudi Projects and Construction
    في أضخم إستثمار بمنطقة تبوك ... سمو وزير الشئون البلدية والقروية يعتمد ترسية مشروع مول تجاري بكورنيش تبوك بمبلغ 7 مليون سنوياً إعتمد صاحب السمو الملكي الأمير منصور بن متعب بن عبدالعزيز وزير الشؤون البلدية والقروية ترسية مشروع مول تجاري بكورنيش تبوك بإيجار سنوي يزيد عن سبعة ملايين ريال على شركة...
  2. Completed Projects
    ROBINSONS PLACE ISABELA (Santiago City) WELCOME EVERYONE TO THIS THREAD! Please post updates and progress! PRESS RELEASES: Robinsons Land purchases P2.85-b properties by Jenniffer B. Austria [ ] October 18, 2011 Robinsons Land Corp., the property unit of retail...
  3. Urban
    I find shopping mall experience a very important and essential part of our lives in Klang Valley (KV). Information relating to all shopping malls in KV is important as it can help to enhance good experiences and avoid bad experiences. I hope this thread will become a useful one for all who...
  4. Architettura, urbanistica, infrastrutture
    Centri Commerciali
  5. Urbanismo y Arquitectura
    Estoy trabajando un proyecto en el cual tengo que identificar los centros comerciales que tienen foodcourts y con cuantos espacios de estos cuentan. Entiendo que Mayaguez Mall y Mayaguez Town Center cuentan con FC y casualmente ninguno de los dos cuentan con un website en el que uno pueda ver y...
  6. Kolkata
    To all Kolkata Lovers Hi Guys, Just opened this new thread. I am sure all your valuable inputs will make this thread buzzing like a bee. It is time for Retail Therapy in Kolkata
  7. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Hello folks After spending a lot of time reading about US/Canada cities, i realized that many forumers simply hate strip malls. My question is: why? Here in brazil there are lots of them. IMO, They're convenient since you find everything in the same place and they add some visual style to the...
  8. Constanța Metro Area
    Existing: Tomis Mall City Park Lef Proiect Claboo Media TOM Retail Park (under construction) VIVO Cora Bratianu On Hold: World Trade Center Constanta
  9. Хабаровск
    Торговые центры, моллы, плазы, магазины, рынки, базары, лавки - вообщем, всё - что связано с торговлей в городе Хабаровске. Вперёд! :)
  10. Caribe
    Hola, este thread es para conocer los centros comerciales de Santa Marta y estar actualizados de las novedades de los mismos mediante fotos, imágenes, noticias, eventos, etc. Como siempre todos sus aportes son bienvenidos. Saludos. Centro Comercial BuenavistaAv. Libertador con Av. San Pedro...
  11. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Here are some images from Indore - the main commercial hub of the state of Madhya Pradesh: (Credit for photographs for this thread - all these photos have been taken from builders/developers sites, or photo blogs online. All copyrights remain with the original photographers.)
  12. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    (This post is a continuation of a series I started earlier featuring Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Baroda in Gujarat) Surat - the commercial capital of South Gujarat is known for its numerous diamond processing units. Here are some glimpses of the city: (Photo credit: all credit/copyrights for these...
  13. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Ahmedabad is the commercial capital of the state of Gujarat in Western India. Here are some images: (Credit for photographs - all these photos have been taken from builders/developers sites online. All copyrights remain with them.)
  14. Grand Paris - Ile-de-France
    C'est bien ! on investit autour de Paris, allez go. Je serais curieux de savoir où ils en sont à Aubervilliers derrière le Parc du Millénaire où les travaux d'un nouveau centre commercial ont également démarré !
1-17 of 45 Results