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  1. Infrastructure & Transport
    Pornesc acest topic de la o constatare trista pe care o fac in fiecare an pe litoralul nostru: Romania ramane fara plaja! Probabil ca toti am auzit ca eroziunea plajelor e o problema, probabil ca toti vedem de la an la an ca parca plaja e mai mica sau stim ca "atunci cand eram eu mic plaja era...
  2. Miami
    This thread should be here to share all forms of media presenting athmospheric collections of the party metropolis Miami. We all know that Miami is a center for club and dance music, lifestyle and culture, so i want to make an start to present Miami from the most interessting viewpoint, the...
  3. Proposed Highrises
    CONSTANTA TOWER Developer: CHESTER TRADE Architect: TAGO ARCHITECTS Location : wikimapia
  4. Constanța Metro Area
    Cred c-o sa postez aici, cand am timp, bazele care exista deja in oras, iar in postarile urmatoare o sa prezint cateva proiecte; daca aveti sugestii ptr. primul post, spuneti-mi pe Social Groupsau pe thread-ul cu organizarea sectiunii CT.
  5. Modern Times
    5 buildings- 2U+GF+12F. architect: RE-ACT NOW STUDIO, Bucharest developer: S.C. Five Holdings S.A. location: Pescarie area near Mamaia Resort. "the five buildings sea shore complex is designed to offer a high level of comfort and multiple facilities foe it's inhabitants. the floors have 3...
  6. Constanța Metro Area PDF Presentation Land area of 65,212 square meters divided in 3 Construction Phases; Phase 1 has 93,715 square meters of gross building area above the ground and 21,971 square meters of gross building area under the ground; Works begun in June 2008; The...
  7. TV and OB-Towers
    Techirghiol TV Tower Constanta, Romania HEIGHT: 146m FLOORS: 3 floors COMPLETION: ? ARCHITECT: ? The Techirghiol TV Tower is a 146-meter[1] high TV tower built of reinforced concrete at Techirghiol, Romania.
  8. Constanța Metro Area
    Previous Threads: Part I Photo Threads: Constanta | Mamaia | Discover Constanta county | The Casino - Constanta, Romania Other Threads: Constanta's ports and shipyards news | Mamaia, Constanta, Romania | CONSTANTA - Nuevo urbanismo y proyectos | CONSTANTA - News urbaines et architecturales...
  9. DN Archives
  10. DN Archives
    MAMAIA BEACH Developer: ESTIA GROUP Architect: SUA KAY ARCHITECTS Location : wikimapia ----
  11. DN Archives
    MAMAIA NORTH Developer: WESTHOUSE GROUP Architect: FORMATION ARCHITECTS Location : wikimapia
  12. DN Archives
    BOGARIS Developer: BOGARIS Architrect: HCP ARQUITECTOS Location : wikimapia
  13. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    MAMAIA (CONSTANTA, ROMANIA) Mamaia is the largest Romanian resort on the Black Sea coast. It is located about 3 mi (5 km) north of Constanta City on a stretch of land a few miles long that separates Lake Suitghiol from the Black Sea. The climate is mild and the annual average temperature is...
  14. Modern Times
    The Casino - built in 1909 was inaugurated in August 1910; the designs were made by the French architect Daniel Renard (first design was made in 1903; in 1905, the architect Petre Antonescu made the second design - but the first one was chosen). The building has been the most representative in...
  15. Constanța Metro Area
    Other threads : - CONSTANTA`s ports & shipyards - news - MAMAIA, CONSTANTA, ROMANIA International threads : Bogaris | Mamaia North | Mamaia Beach | Flamenco Sister cities: Sulmona (Italy), Turku (Finland), Yokohama (Japon),Brest (France), Istanbul (Turkey), Rotterdam (Holland), Odesa...
  16. Photo Corner
    International thread : - MAMAIA, CONSTANTA, ROMANIA When I will have time I will come back with other photos from Mamaia, Constanta.
  17. Travellogues
    CONSTANTA ROMANIA Romania has to be one of the least shown countries in the Eastern Europe forum; I've already made a Bucharest thread, so now it's time for another of Romania's landmark cities: Constanta. It is Romania's main sea port and, like Sarajevo, has enjoyed a relatively peaceful mix...
1-17 of 17 Results