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  1. Exchange Square
    Unless you've been living under a rock, no getting away from the Coronavirus over the past 6 weeks. At the moment majority of the public are taking extra precautions by stocking up on grocery and medical supplies, washing hands regularly and self isolating if feeling unwell at home. Although...
  2. Urban Showcase
    I am re-launching my Manchester thread in order to bring it more into line with my Liverpool thread. Previously it had been structured as an explorative travelogue, updated as I have got to know the city during the course of successive visits. Now it will contain only photos and images that I...
  3. Highrises
    San Diego’s Rockefeller Center?
  4. DN Archives
    Great Jackson Masterplan | Midtown Floors: 5 (smallest)-58 (tallest) | No. of apartments: 3,663 | Developer: Renaker Renaker have a good track record in Manchester with 2 of their projects U/C at 30 stories joined with 21 storey blocks Full copy of the framework out for consultation...
  5. Proposed Highrises
    Added the first tower to my mock up of Manchesters future skyline:
  6. Proposed Highrises
    Another high rise proposal for Manchester! It's being funded by a 'Russian oligarch'
  7. Highrises
    Application to be submitted shortly. 450 apartments (PRS) | Plus mixed use commercial GDV £115m Est. Completion Date: 2017 Developer: Moda Living - Caddick Developments and Generate Land partnership Lead Consultant/Architect: HAUS Collective Brochure Plot L of the NOMA masterplan...
  8. Skyscrapers
    Its time to have a new thread for this popular discussion but as usual there are some strict rules for all members to follow and after consulting with the admins a few more rules have been added... 1. Only skyline photos of the modern skyscrapers allowed. Showing any low rises or old buildings...
  9. Exchange Square
    The Ultimate Thread to bring Manchester Fanatics together. I love Manchester a lot, and I am happy to see another well wishers of the city here on skysrapercity. What ever happens in Manchester affects us all, and our actions could be detrimental to the well being of city. My first post is...
  10. Completed Manchester Projects
    Some of you will remember this proposal from a few weeks back on the Central Salford thread. According to BusinessWeek, plans have now been submitted; There will also be a new restaurant and potential for Grade-A office space, according to the article...
  11. Exchange Square
    Hey, Manchester needs a big, exciting, city center covered market to emulate the vibrancy of the London markets. Given the diversity and vibrancy of the Manchester population I'm sure this could become a famous asset for the city. So one question.. where could this be held? what location...
  12. City Talk
    Which is the most boring town in Britain? I nominate Crewe, nothing wrong the place its just pain stakedly so boring and average in every way I can think of, but then some might say that is exactly what makes it interesting. Which town do you all nominate as the most boring?
  13. Completed Manchester Projects Architects: Jestico + Whiles Location:
  14. Urban Showcase
    Manchester City Centre.
  15. Completed Manchester Projects
    Some time ago (a couple of years) there was a Government Sponsored Competition called Sustrans Connect 2) A scheme to build a footbridge over the River Goyt at Chadkirk (between Romiley and Marple) was one of the winners. See...
  16. Projects and Construction
    New design: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous designs: From Austin Bob on austintowers
  17. Manchester Metro Area
    I am doing a PhD on Manchester's railway viaducts (geography at Manchester Uni), and I've come across a number of threads where they are mentioned. However, there's no central thread for discussions relating to them (as some have suggested in the past), so I'm giving it a shot. They play a...
  18. City Talk
    Birmingham by a long chalk - Birmingham tops my list because back in Feb I was doing work there, I was tired and felt like shit, everywhere I looked was grey plus the weather was awful. I really was depressed. Stoke Sheffield Hull
  19. Liverpool Metro Area
    This is a bit of an old article, and probably more to do the 'Liverpool City Region' than anything else, but has anyone heard of the plan below - the 'Silver City' plan? A plan to create a new city out of Widnes, Runcorn, and Warrington so that it could grow into an expanding Liverpool and...
  20. DN Archives
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously: Picture by Austin Bob. (tower redesigned) From The Austin Development Thread: