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  1. Completed Manchester Projects Architects: Jestico + Whiles Location:
  2. Urban Showcase
    Manchester City Centre.
  3. Completed Manchester Projects
    Some time ago (a couple of years) there was a Government Sponsored Competition called Sustrans Connect 2) A scheme to build a footbridge over the River Goyt at Chadkirk (between Romiley and Marple) was one of the winners. See...
  4. Projects and Construction
    New design: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous designs: From Austin Bob on austintowers
  5. Manchester Metro Area
    I am doing a PhD on Manchester's railway viaducts (geography at Manchester Uni), and I've come across a number of threads where they are mentioned. However, there's no central thread for discussions relating to them (as some have suggested in the past), so I'm giving it a shot. They play a...
  6. City Talk
    Birmingham by a long chalk - Birmingham tops my list because back in Feb I was doing work there, I was tired and felt like shit, everywhere I looked was grey plus the weather was awful. I really was depressed. Stoke Sheffield Hull
  7. Liverpool Metro Area
    This is a bit of an old article, and probably more to do the 'Liverpool City Region' than anything else, but has anyone heard of the plan below - the 'Silver City' plan? A plan to create a new city out of Widnes, Runcorn, and Warrington so that it could grow into an expanding Liverpool and...
  8. DN Archives
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously: Picture by Austin Bob. (tower redesigned) From The Austin Development Thread:
  9. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    .:: THE CITY OF MANCHESTER ::. POPULATION | 502,900 (2011) salford_Panorama1 by The_Jon_M, on Flickr
  10. General Photography
    A selection of photos of England that I have come across on flickr... Wastwater, Lake District, Cumbria Expectations and Fulfiment Two (Wasdale Head) by DrupkaTheUnclear, on Flickr Honister Pass, Lake District, Cumbria Honister Pass by Nyahah, on Flickr Yorkshire Dales Yorkshire Dales...
  11. Travels Abroad
    Manchester Town Hall Albert Square Albert Square Manchester Irish Festival in Albert Square Irish Festival
  12. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    here is a proposal I've been working on for a Northern HSR linking the main Northern cities which would effectively merge them and make them very commutable, which would encourage growth. and with HS2 to London it would make the new 'Nothern Conurbation' very attractive to businesses. much like...
  13. Exchange Square
    Hi, I'm wondering if any of you guys can help me. I'm a Mancunian currently living in Australia, and would love some arty cityscape scenes of my home city to hang on my flat wall. Im after thinks like this...
  14. Urban Showcase
    Blog updated with 199 photos from Manchester!
  15. Exchange Square
    After seeing Graham Shuttleworth's Skyscrapercity photographs of Higher Broughton, we took a trip up to Leicester Road on Saturday morning to see how far they've got with demolishing these wonderful Victorian streets. Sadly most of the houses have gone including Wiltshire Street, Hampshire...
  16. Exchange Square
    Manchester's Top 10 Apartment Blocks... Hi everyone! has launched in Manchester and we've named our Top 10 Apartment Blocks... Manchester's Top 10 Apartment Blocks Because we're introducing a comments sections soon, we'd love to hear from SkyscraperCity forum members. Do you...
  17. Greater Manchester Transport Projects
    In order to seperate progress on the extensions from other chat about Metrolink, am kicking off this new thread with some images of the work on the Chorlton branch which I've brazenly borrowed from some nice chap on flickr (called Andrew L. Roberts - bravo to you fella, :cheers: very well taken...
  18. Exchange Square
    From BBC News: ( Hope this isn't too political for SSN. I figure it's an issue of infrastructure, security and civil freedom that has the potential to have a major impact on civic life in Britain in the near future. I'd be interested to...
  19. Exchange Square
    it's uncanny - see :dance2:
  20. Exchange Square
    I don't think there is an existing thread for this area of Trafford Park. No new information as such, just a new thread for future news/discussion... From this recent doc: which includes details of vacant...
21-40 of 61 Results