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    Im very concerned that we aussies will have nothing left after this collapse of holden. Education is very hard hit as well. Mining is just, just unspeakable to now. Finance, the dollar, also we are top 5 for currency/financial hubs we need ideas people help the matey-nation out, i smell disaster
  2. Transportation
    Train guards In my opinion even though the white flag man is needed for safety on busy stations it would cost too much to have an attendant on all stations. A good compromise with the stand-off between the drivers and the government would be if the guard also was a conductor able to enforce...
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    What’s the thoughts here, some media outlets are doing well to dramatise the spread, 4 cases now confirmed in Australia, a lot of ‘breaking news’ updates with every new confirmed case.
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    Noosa has moved into second place as my most favourite place in Aus. The Mornington Peninsula tops my list due to the fact that it has more to offer, close to Melbourne and almost no humidity :cheers: Enjoy the pics: MOUNT MARTHA, MORNINGTON PENINSULA, MELBOURNE © by Sydney Struwig, on Flickr...
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    Can some of our av experts explain - why is the LCC market for Australia reasonably robust, but not the seasonal tourist charter market like Europe?
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    Time to split this off from the global warming thread. I was in the NSW Southern Highlands this morning and the smoke haze was apocalyptic, just like it has been for the last two weeks. And that was even before tomorrow, when the Mittagong area is looking likely to be smashed from the north...
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    This is a thread to discuss the overall redevelopment of Central Station in Sydney. Currently Central Walk is under construction. There are future plans for a western extension of Central Walk through to Pitt St plus various OSD's.
  10. Skyscrapers & General Urban Issues
    World's Most Livable 2019 Time to tell your smug New York friends that they’ve made the wrong life choice: The world’s most liveable cities are generally less global capital, more regional second city, a new ranking shows. Vienna took the No. 1 spot in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s...
  11. Sydney CBD
    Application number D/2019/882 Address 458-466 George Street SYDNEY NSW 2000, 49-51 Market Street SYDNEY NSW 2000, 468-472 George Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 Description CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION (STAGE 1) FOR DEMOLITION OF 458-472 GEORGE ST AND CONSTRUCTION OF A 31 STOREY MIXED USE BUILDING...
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    Will the Democrats find a leader to take the Presidency and Government in 2024 ? Will they come from the list of 2020 candidates or will it be a new person who can convince US citizens the Democrats have taken a new road, one they can dare to follow.
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    I had a party but it strikes me how wasteful people are which led me to this when watching hk protest news. We in the first world have pretty much everything we need and want too much. How is it that people can starve, not have REAL jobs, no education. Yet we are endulging in the arts, music...
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    Self explanatory
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    Hey mods, the Suburban Rail Loop thread has disappeared, it still appears in Google results however. (original link: Anyhow - geotech investigations have started in Box Hill...
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    Obituary Dick Robbins 1933-2019 I wonder if we would have the great TBM that have been used in Sydney without this great risk taker
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    Since the news came out in 2017 that climbing Uluru will be banned effective this October (as of July, that will be within the next three months), there has been a rush of visitors coming with the express purpose of climbing the Rock before the ban comes into effect. Once the ban is in effect...
  18. Western Australia
    674-678 & 680-692 (Lots 100 & 101) Hay Street Mall, Perth. Demolition of Existing Development and Construction of a 24 Level Mixed-Use Development Comprising a Mixed-Use Podium and a 17 Level Office and Education Tower Building - Bonus Plot Ratio DETAILS Approval is sought for the demolition...
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    Donald Trump held his 2020 launch speech in Orlando Florida yesterday ( today ) and I can't see any Democratic hopeful beating him come the next election...just say'n. PS...Complete the wall...
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    It was just a matter of time. I could see 10 years ago that the apartments going up around the station at Mascot were of poor construction standards, and here we are.... About 100 apartments in a Sydney tower have been evacuated and engineers called after “a large crack” appeared in the...