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  1. NT - General Projects & Discussion

    Northern Territory
    just some old and new highrise projects selling in darwin. heres the 15storey/45m PINNACLE which is now selling. compeltion set for June2005/ twin 11storey towers- SYNERGY SQUARE UC there are many 6-10storeys towers scattered around town, Chelsea Darwins tallest...
  2. Projects & Discussion | NSW | Public Spaces & Parks

    New South Wales
    Its been years in planning and eventually will be located opposite town hall. still a couple of properties to acquire. I reckon its a good move. woolies not a great loss. nice open area in front. aka- trafalgar square in London, times sq NY ect heres some clips i reckon citigroup will cast a...
  3. Projects & Discussion | NSW | News & Gossip

    New South Wales
    positive news guys!!! no wonder JB tower is going to be office. we need big office towers asap!
  4. Townsville photos thread

    Regional Queensland
    A thread for Townsville pictures. Now that I've got a digital camera and I'm taking lots of photos I'll throw a nice one into here every now and then. If antone else has a nice Townsville photo feel free to post. A couple to start off.
  5. Regional Queensland Airport Discussion

    Regional Queensland
    Hi, all. I want to know your opinion on Airports here in Queensland. If you have any problems about airports here in QLD. Put them down on this thread. If you think that a redeveloped airport looks great. put it down and you would get the rest wouldn't ya. Alright then, Okay, yep, Everything...
  6. DANDENONG > all projects & discussion

    OK, it's not officially called the Dandenong skyscraper city plan but it may as well be :-) It's actually called the Dandenong Comprihensive development plan and To call it ambitious would be an understatement. The plan is for the Dandenong CBD to be completely rebuilt into a high density...
  7. Projects & Discussion | BOTANY, EASTLAKES & MASCOT

    Sydney Metro Area
    What is wrong with building so tall near the airport. These scrapers are not directly under the flightpath :bash: What a bunch of NIMBY's :bash: From The Daily Telegraph Safety issues ignored By MARK SKELSEY Urban Affairs Editor August 23, 2004 SKYSCRAPERS are being approved around the...
  8. SA News/Spam Thread

    South Australia
    done and done! :cheers:
  9. #PROJECTS: Townsville

    Regional Queensland
    Does anyone have info on any future projects in Townsville?
  10. SYDNEY | Light Rail Thread | L1 - L2 - L3

    This is the thread where we can discuss proposals relating to the expansion of light rail. There has been alot of talk of extending the network into the city's eastern suburbs as well as the inner west and even in the CBD. If any light rail projects are approved, we can discuss their...
  11. #PROJECTS: Sunshine Coast

    Regional Queensland
    I didn't know where to put this thread, in the Brisbane or Gold Coast or what. Mods can move. There are a few developments up on the Sunshine Coast that we haven't heard about. Here are a few I've added to Platinum Apartments - Maroochydore m1 - Maroochydore The Observatory -...
  12. Construction | PARRAMATTA | 6 & 8 Parramatta Square | 55st/230m | U/C

    Parramatta CBD
    Construction | PARRAMATTA | Aspire (Parramatta Square) | 55st/230m | U/C thought i would start the official thread for this massive project! Ive just chatted to one of town planners involved with this project and he said there will be two towers up to 120m in height!!! the other 2 will be...
  13. TAS - General Projects & Discussion

  14. PORT PHILLIP > South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, St Kilda, Montague etc...

    On my hunt for 12+ level buildings today along the whole stretch of Beaconsfield Parade (from St. Kilda to Port Melbourne, see this thread: I took the liberty of observing some projects ;) 1. "Bayview Apartments" looks to...