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  1. News & Weather Channel
    Anybody else following what's happening right now in Honkers? I'm glad that the locals are fighting for their city but sadly there seems no way out of communist rule. Shame as it's a great city full of great people. :cry:
  2. Skyscrapers & General Urban Issues
    I got the idea for this thread after I just finished reading the "next mid-tier cities" thread. This topic is obviously pretty similar to the other thread, but the "mid-tier cities" thread focused more on the idea of expanding existing cities with over 100K (e.g Townsville, Newcastle) to a size...
  3. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Here are a few photos that I took of Lithgow while I stayed overnight up there two and three weeks ago: :) A photo of the main street in Lithgow. Lithgow's Queen Elizabeth Park. Looking over the town from the Blast Furnace ruins. Views of the town from Bracey's Lookout. IMO...
  4. Transportation
    Hi guys, I am wondering whether if in the future some suburban bus routes will be replaced by driverless cars/driverless buses or on demand ride hailing in the future as I have noticed that some bus routes have very low patronage.
  5. News & Weather Channel
    Mohamed Noor found guilty of third degree murder and manslaughter for killing of Justine Ruszczyk. First time a Minnesota police officer has been found guilty of murder while on duty.
  6. News & Weather Channel
    New federal election thread and poll. I tried to follow the colours as predetermined by the site.
  7. News & Weather Channel
    tragedy in paris 1914 fire The fire which engulfed the famed Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, causing the spire and part of the roof to collapse, has finally been brought under control. The...
  8. Parramatta CBD
    A Planning Proposal for 10 Valentine Ave has been approved by Parramatta council and forwarded to Dept of Planning for gateway approval The site is subject to a previous Design Competition and Development Application. A Development Application (DA/841/2017) was approved on 10 April 2018 which...
  9. The Sports Club
    Well the season is almost upon us again and it should be a ripper. After last seasons record crowds,record Memberships (over 1 million) and a great GF 2018 will be hard to top! I expect Richmond,WC,Adelaide,Collingwood,Melbourne,Swans and Essendon to finish in the top teams.Big improver to...
  10. The Sports Club
    NRL - National Rugby League thread Time for a thread? Broncos lose to the Storm yet again. :( Parra surprise me by beating Penrith at Penrith. Another bad start by the Gold Coast. Cowboys looking very good, Jason Taumalolo, what a player that guy is. Good start by Auckland. A Storm vs...
  11. News & Weather Channel
    vent your spleen
  12. News & Weather Channel
    post your rants here
  13. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    coming soon
  14. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Spent a great Australia Day Long Weekend at Hill End, NSW and thought I'd share some photos here. Hill End is a ghost town and former gold mining centre established in 1851. At its peak in the early 1870s, it had a population of over 8000 and was served by two newspapers, five banks, eight...
  15. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    coming soon
  16. Victoria
    Some old Melbourne photos that I took back in 2009
  17. Everything else
    Happy New Year! From my old photos, I've tried to pick the ones with the biggest changes to now. There's going to be a lot of pictures, and that's with me trying to keep it down. If you want more of a particular area or project ask, I probably have them. Part 1
  18. Transportation
    Nothing really is free like the free parking at stations is paid for with the parking levy at shops that eventually goes on the price of your weetbix or the Metro trains that were paid for by gold plating the poles and wires to sell them at an inflated price with everybody blaming the generators...
  19. News & Weather Channel
    one stop thread for all our american obsessions similarly i will be creating one the north america forums for aussieland
  20. News & Weather Channel Australian capital city home prices fell heavily in December, led again by an ugly decline in Sydney. Sydney home prices have now officially “corrected”, falling 10% from the cyclical...
21-40 of 352 Results