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  1. General Urban Developments
    It's finally here: a finalist for the reconstruction of the worst place in NYC (yes, worse than Penn Station) has been selected...
  2. Proposed Highrises
  3. North and South America
    Madison Square Park Tower New York, New York Height: 237m/ 777ft Floors: 61 Function: Residential Architect: KPF Completed: 2017 field condition Moonrise over Manhattan by Mike McLaughlin, on Flickr
  4. Manhattan
    the Draft Scope report confirms this project's supertall status.
  5. Manhattan
  6. Manhattan
  7. Proposed Highrises
    Another highrise in the 'gap' between Downtown and Midtown. A school and more offices for the hot neighborhood where ABC and Google are planting their flags.
  8. Highrises
  9. Manhattan
    Another Tower Plan for the Seaport: 'There's Going to Be Fierce Opposition'
  10. Proposed Highrises
    I think it's unlikely this will remain a supertall, if it is even built at all. Nevertheless, we have another legitimate supertall proposal for downtown. Another Tower Plan for the Seaport: 'There's Going to Be Fierce Opposition'
  11. Proposed Highrises
    Sherwood Equities plans a 40 story condo tower in Hudson Yards.
  12. Manhattan
  13. Manhattan
    another Stern throwback.
  14. Travels Abroad
    This winter vacation I went (again) to Chicago, but this time New York was also added to the list. The time from Christmas to New Year's Eve was spent in Chicago, then we flew to New York for New Year's Eve and the first week of January. This was my 6th visit to Chicago, but a first in New...
  15. Highrises
    This is the plot immediately north of the Spiral at Hudson Yards. The second phase will be an office tower. photo by JC_Heights on...
  16. Rate Our Visions
    A towering Spire proposed by Trump in the 90s at the current site of the Time Warner Center. by Elia Atta: another potential design, by Murphy Jahn:
  17. General Urban Developments
    another riverfront project for Robert AM Stern on Manhattan's West Side. rendering: Related’s Robert A.M. Stern-Designed 555 West 22nd Street Making Quick Headway in West Chelsea...
  18. Highrises
    ABC's new Manhattan digs. The highest occupied space will hit the neighborhood's height limit, but mechanical bulkheads could bring the total height above 100m, like some of the new residential towers in the neighborhood, Disney files plans for a 19-story headquarters in Hudson Square
  19. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    35 Hudson Yards New York City, USA Height: 307.8m/1010ft Floors: 71 floors Function: Residential, Hotel Architect: Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP Completed: 2019 IMG_7579 by Dave Aragona, on Flickr
  20. Highrises
    Another highrise for the Upper East Side. This new tower will likely need to conform with the new 'void area' legislation and floor height limits that will be imposed by the city and state, so we'll have to see if it will remain this tall with under 40 floors. The Naftali Group Files For...