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  1. Manhattan the Cookfox design before the sale
  2. Proposed Supertalls
    A Request for proposals for this parcel was sent out awhile back from the city, plans from a team employing David Adjaye have become the first to be unveiled.
  3. Highrises
  4. Proposed Highrises
  5. Manhattan
  6. Proposed Highrises
    The redevelopment of Midtown East continues apace with a new office tower on Madison. renderings:
  7. Proposed Highrises This is the building...
  8. General Urban Developments
    It's finally here: a finalist for the reconstruction of the worst place in NYC (yes, worse than Penn Station) has been selected...
  9. Highrises
  10. North and South America
    Madison Square Park Tower New York, New York Height: 237m/ 777ft Floors: 61 Function: Residential Architect: KPF Completed: 2017 field condition Moonrise over Manhattan by Mike McLaughlin, on Flickr
  11. Manhattan
    the Draft Scope report confirms this project's supertall status.
  12. Manhattan
  13. Manhattan
  14. Proposed Highrises
    Another highrise in the 'gap' between Downtown and Midtown. A school and more offices for the hot neighborhood where ABC and Google are planting their flags.
  15. Highrises
  16. Manhattan
    Another Tower Plan for the Seaport: 'There's Going to Be Fierce Opposition'
  17. General Urban Developments ___ I think it's unlikely this will remain a supertall, if it is even built at all. Nevertheless, we have another legitimate supertall proposal for downtown. Another Tower Plan...
  18. Proposed Highrises
    Sherwood Equities plans a 40 story condo tower in Hudson Yards.
  19. Manhattan
  20. Manhattan
    another Stern throwback.
1-20 of 257 Results