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  1. Manhattan
  2. Fotoforum
    New York City – mei 2022 Het stond oorspronkelijk op de planning voor maart 2020, maar ja iets met Corona en een brandhaard, dus dat ging toen niet door… Maar geduld is een schone zaak dus na ook goed PCRtestresultaat stond er niets meer in de weg… ...en de vorige keer was 2004 qua bezoek aan...
  3. Highrises
  4. Manhattan
  5. Zagranica
    Cześć! W końcu po wielu latach wyczekiwania, zmian, przesuwania terminu wyjazdu - udało się :) W maju tego roku dotarłem do Nowego Jorku i przez 10 dni chłonąłem miasto krok po kroku. Zapraszam do śledzenia! Spis treści: [ Tu będzie kiedyś spis treści ;) ]
  6. Video Showcase
    Manhattan, May 2022
  7. Manhattan the Cookfox design before the sale
  8. Proposed Supertalls
    A Request for proposals for this parcel was sent out awhile back from the city, plans from a team employing David Adjaye have become the first to be unveiled.
  9. Highrises
  10. Proposed Highrises
    David Chipperfield Architects To Build Rolex’s New Headquarters At 665 Fifth Avenue In Midtown
  11. Manhattan
  12. Proposed Highrises
    The redevelopment of Midtown East continues apace with a new office tower on Madison. renderings:
  13. Proposed Highrises This is the building...
  14. General Urban Developments
    It's finally here: a finalist for the reconstruction of the worst place in NYC (yes, worse than Penn Station) has been selected...
  15. Highrises
  16. North and South America
    Madison Square Park Tower New York, New York Height: 237m/ 777ft Floors: 61 Function: Residential Architect: KPF Completed: 2017 field condition Moonrise over Manhattan by Mike McLaughlin, on Flickr
  17. Manhattan
    the Draft Scope report confirms this project's supertall status.
  18. Manhattan
  19. Manhattan
  20. Proposed Highrises
    Another highrise in the 'gap' between Downtown and Midtown. A school and more offices for the hot neighborhood where ABC and Google are planting their flags.
1-20 of 268 Results