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  1. Djibouti / Jabuuti
    Djibouti launches construction of a shipyard Djibouti lance la construction d'un chantier naval
  2. Teesside
    From today's Journal Live, copyright NCJMedia Ltd @ Increasing activity at North East ports May 28, 2014 08:31 By Karen Overbury It is encouraging that the North East ports are reporting...
  3. Jamaica
    The history of Kingston shows that the great harbour of Kingston, has created significant wealth over the years, quite apart from whatever economic regime may have been operating on the mainland. The Port of Kingston has always been the hub of trade with several periods governing its...
  4. Maritime
    Tell us your extraordinary stories! Share your thoughts!
  5. Maritime
    Tell us your extraordinary stories! Share your thoughts!
  6. Jamaica
    Establishment of Transshipment and Logistics Hub Represents Huge Investment Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister, Hon. Anthony Hylton, says the government’s plan to establish Jamaica as a global transshipment and logistics hub represents an investment opportunity of some US$7-8 billion...
  7. Sunderland and Durham
    This thread is for all news about the Port, --it's Shipping/ Docks /Quaysides and Developments and the River Wear, I will start this with some good news, ---this article from the Sunderland Echo, ----- A £500,000 investment is set to provide a real lift to the Port of Sunderland. Published on...
  8. Ports
    Si vous avez des questions à propos des ports, du prix des traversées, du développement des infrastructures ou des suggestions. Faites les ici.
  9. Newcastle Metro Area
    With the announcement made today that the Swan Hunters built ship HMS Ark Royal is to be scrapped I wonder if there is a possibility the ship could be brought to the river of its' birth. The ship is an aircraft carrier but apparently is quite small by carrier standards. Could the vessel be used...
  10. Ports
    Sur ce thred, uniquement des cartes maritimes et les ports. Si vous souhaitez discutez des projets concernant les projets en ex-mêmes, faites "Quote" et posté le post correspondant dans la section adéquat du forum pour en discuter. Vous pouvez également posté des images Google Earth...
  11. Newcastle Metro Area
    NaREC turbine training tower puts Blyth at the cutting edge The Journal, Mar 19 2010 A pioneering facility was launched yesterday to further cement the region's growing reputation as a world leader in the green energy industry. The UK's first wind turbine training tower has been built at...
  12. Newcastle Metro Area
    This thread is for discussion about Tyne shipping - ferry routes, cruise liner visits, freight ships, port expansion and other associated developments and news - for instance offshore industries and shipbuilding (r.i.p.). Since this subforum covers south northumberland we may as well include...
  13. Hull and Humber
    For anything to do with the docks, freight or cruises. I know there were plans for Immingham to become a super-port, but wasn't there plans only this year to extend King George's dock to allow more ferries to operate from Hull? Something to do with Hull being in a central location when taking...
  14. Sunderland and Durham Will we see this ship return to the banks of the Wear?
  15. Ports
    IMTC: Un 2e navire sur Tanger-Gênes L'économiste
  16. Maritime
    Seems to be enough news about cruise ships getting stuck in Antarctica that it warrants a thread on its own. These are more like 'maritime mishaps' rather than maritime disasters. I'd have though there would be fewer because of global warming :dunno: Mark. -------------------- Cruise ship...
  17. Other Infrastructure
    Algérie : 37 milliards DA pour la modernisation du port de Béjaïa Algérie 09-02-2009 Un projet de modernisation des infrastructures portuaires de Béjaïa a été présenté récemment par la Direction des travaux publics (DTP) de la wilaya. 37 milliards DA (environ 370 millions d’euros) seront...
  18. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Projectos em Londres (uso de vidro)!! So deixo aqui alguns exemplos do uso do vidro na construcao em Londres que eu pessoalmente gostaria de ver em Lisboa. Muitos novos predios em Lisboa usam muito betao e tinta e sinceramente espero que os nossos arquitectos abram os olhos e vao ver como se...
1-18 of 18 Results