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  1. Sydney Metro Area
    This Planning Proposal seeks to amend Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008 (LLEP 2008) to include additional building height and floor space ratio (FSR) on the site. The Proposal intends to facilitate the future development of the site for Liverpool Private Hospital. Building heights up to...
  2. Proposed Highrises
  3. Tunisie
    I'll add more once there are more official studies. Meanwhile, we can open a discussion to talk about the implication of this new development that was adopted by the presidency of the republic. However, not a lot of technical studies or professional renders are available until now.
  4. Newcastle Metro Area
    . This is the COVID-19 Regional Thread for Newcastle and the North East. National and international 'COVID-19' issues should also be discussed here, as this is a massive world-wide problem . . .
  5. NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    LoHud: $1.2B bioscience complex pitched for Valhalla rendering:
  6. NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    From January this year Stamford Rising by Nexis4Jersey09, on Flickr
  7. Andhra Pradesh
    Around 40% of Andhra Pradesh population is overweight, obese: Survey
  8. Craiova Metro Area
    Ford a renovat locul de joacă de la Spitalul „Filantropia“ Sursa
  9. Birmingham Metro Area
    Thought I'd make a thread for Hospital, Medical and Healthcare investment news, It is definitely an area which Birmingham excels in Heres the latest investment..
  10. Інфраструктура і транспарт
    Уникальные операции по удалению межпозвоночной грыжи с помощью лазера, которые проводят только в РНПЦ травматологии и ортопедии, планируется поставить на поток Новую для Беларуси методику по удалению межпозвоночной грыжи с помощью лазера в РНПЦ травматологии и ортопедии начали применять в...
  11. Kochi
    This thread is meant to discuss the various medical, health and wellness facilities that Kochi is offering and all set to offer. Kochi is growing as one of the country's leading healthcare center. This thread shall track developments and investments in Healthcare industry of Kochi
  12. Inwestycje ukończone
    Nowy ośrodek wypoczynkowy giełdowej spółki Interferie, zaczęła się już rozbiórka istniejących tam budynków. Na razie brak dobrych i ostatecznych wizualizacji, realizowany będzie jednak ten projekt:
  13. Newcastle Metro Area
    Newcastle is a UK and world centre of research in so many areas . . . Many of these are medical research areas, and from time to time there are some very important developments and breakthroughs that happen in Newcastle, or because of work taking place at Newcastle. The Centre for Life...
  14. Completed Projects
    Project Name: Chonghua Parking Building Contractor: Pro Builders [Cebu Based] Project Status: Digging
1-14 of 22 Results