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  1. Ojajôh?
    Hallo lieve Rotterdammerts en ander mede-HHF-gespuis! In het kader van de HHF-wandelingen 2.0 (door forummers, voor forummers) zal de onvolprezen @bjrndlw - inmiddels een stadgenoot - een wandeling organiseren in Rotterdam, en wel op zaterdag 2 oktober aanstaande. We verzamelen bij Haringvliet...
  2. The Lunar Society
    Hey, I've created this thread so that we can finally arrange the long discussed meeting. Brum X, Brummigrant and whoever else is interested? I assume that weekend will work for more people, ideally Saturday? Also I remember someone mentioning the possibility of taking the bus tour together...
  3. Exchange Square
    After the St John's and Trinty Islands review we went to Albert's Schloss for a chat and a drink. During the chat the general consensus was that we should organise a SSC Manchester Night out. Admittedly a Night out has been proposed in the past, but it hasn't happened for one reason or another...
  4. Leeds Metro Area
    I thought I'd be the last person to propose such a thing, and I know any idea of a "meet up" is generally met with widespread disdain, BUT I think it might actually be quite interesting to put faces to a few names. Maybe the feeling of anonymity is what appeals to some people but I'd be...
  5. Exchange Square
    7.30PM 4/10/2013 Nay or yay?
  6. Exchange Square
    Was a good laugh last time, I'm well up for another! We should make it a quarterly thing maybe? November 2nd, all welcome, sign here, Knott bar! On it. Dan
  7. The Lunar Society
    Hello.... :) I just had a light bulb effect *ding* gone off in my head. Wanted to post the link to see if anyone else was interested in an opportunity for an exclusive tour and an evening of drinks and drilling the architects/executives with questions about the Library. Pub after.... Thought...
  8. Newcastle Metro Area
    Anyway lads, I was thinking about creating a Newcastle meet up thread. Many other Sub-Forums have these, and as stickies, but they don't seem to be full of life, only doing so onve or twice a year. So I thought it would be wise for us to just use this thread for that purpose aswell. I don't...
  9. Scottish Architecture Forum
    cmon weegies, pull yer finger out. who's up for one? suggestions? My knowledge of Glasgow is pretty much limited to Buchanan/Sauchiehall Sts (:lol: ), so I'm useless for suggestions (bars and what not). What about over here in Edinburgh - anyone keen? (sticky thread?) cheers.
1-9 of 9 Results