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  1. Queens & Bronx
  2. Proposed Highrises
    A mega-development slated for Chicago. To be divided between North and South. Lincoln Yards North: 650ft x 2 600 ft 450 ft 325 ft 80 ft 20 ft Lincoln Yards South: 575ft 500ft 150ft x 2 120...
  3. Proposed Highrises
    Schmidt Hammer Lassen reveals plans for Monroe Blocks development in downtown Detroit
  4. Highrises
    this mega project has been meandering its way through the development process, with DOB filings submitted under 65 Private Drive, 27 West Street and 37 West Street. Renderings and documents show the scope this project will eventually take. The FAA is evaluating a proposed height of 439ft at 27...
  5. Brooklyn & Staten Island
    Exclusive Reveal for Mega-Development at 6202 7th Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
  6. Manhattan
    See Skyline Renderings of the Ambitious St. John's Terminal Redevelopment ____ likely outdated diagram:
  7. Dar es Salaam
    This thread will be dedicated to listing new buildings above 10 floors built in Dar Also an added list of mega-projects is attached below for quick look at whats going on around Dar. Will be divided in Four A.Between 10F and 25F B.25F and above. C.Large Commercial,Residential and Public...
  8. Tel Aviv
    removed due to ssc policy against israeli forums
  9. Projects
1-9 of 9 Results