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  1. Completed Projects
    Any other renderings and construction updates from southerners - or non-southerners who care more than the southerners? Read more: --- Read more...
  2. Visayas
    MEGAWORLD's Boracay Newcoast [mix] @ Boracay, Aklan
  3. Completed Projects
    THE RICHMONDE PARK HOTEL / RICHMONDE HOTEL ILOILO[/B] Interior Design Design inspiration from one of the region's most profitable harvests - the surgarcane Scope consists of public areas, full-service restaurant and grand ballroom Lobby Lobby Lounge Grand Ballroom Restaurant source...
  4. Visayas
    The rising of Iloilo City's New CBD. Post Pictures, News and other data related to Iloilo's newest prime mover, Megaworld. :banana: