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    Couldn't find a thread for One MiamiCentral, maybe it was covered in the train station thread. But this is its super-fied current iteration.
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    One Thousand Museum Miami, USA 213.1m/ 699ft 60 floors Residential Zaha Hadid Completed 2019 photos by Marcanadian One Thousand Museum by Marcanadian, on Flickr One Thousand Museum by Marcanadian, on Flickr
  3. North and South America
    Paramount Miami Worldcenter Miami, USA 213m / 699ft 60 floors Elkus Manfredi Residential Completed 2019 photos from Thenextmiami
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    Another 40-Story Office & Residential Tower Is Planned Across From MiamiCentral By Related Group
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    an ancillary development to Miami World Center
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    Michael Stern is moving forward with massive Miami tower project
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    neighboring Elysee and Missioni Baia, Melo Group plans Twin residential towers. Melo Signs Utilities Deal For Nearly 800 Residential Units At Twin-Tower Island Bay In Edgewater
  13. Miami
  14. Miami
    Most people know Miami as an ultrmodern city, with gleaming highrises and expensive condos. But another side of Miami shows its ethnic past. While the Cuban neighborhood of Little Havana is very well-known, and many also know about Little Haiti, and some even know about the Dominican...
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    Legacy Miami Condo Hotel Tower Could Be Coming To Miami Worldcenter November 7, 2019 Multiple brokers have started advertising for a condo-hotel project called Legacy Miami. The developer of Paramount Miami Worldcenter may be behind the proposal, according to project page on their website. MWC...
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    Moishe Mana Reveals Completion Dates For His Downtown Miami Projects source:
  17. Proposed Highrises
    Foundation Permit Applied For To Begin Work At Una Residences Tower In Brickell
  18. Proposed Skyscrapers
    Revealed: Twin Tower Kenect Miami Proposed At Miami Worldcenter With 39 & 79 Stories
  19. Proposed Skyscrapers
    Revealed: Mishorim Towers Proposed In Downtown Miami By Israeli Developer At 63 & 55 Stories
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