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    SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences Dubai, United Arab Emirates 336m / 1102ft 78 floors Residential/hotel Aedas Completed: 2020 photos by Gabriel900
  2. Zagranica
    Zima 2020, Lot ogłasza promocję na bilety z pewne rejony świata. Co jakiś czas inne miasto. Fajnie, wolno im, może ktoś skorzysta. Któregoś razu pojawia się Bejrut. Rafał daje znać, że cena dobra bo w sumie to prawie połowę taniej niż zwykle. Miło. Po paru minutach następna wiadomość od niego to...
  3. Photo Forum
    Pictures from Hebrew University area towards the North and from Ramallah. Maybe I will post now and then East Jerusalem pictures here. Well there is no Skyscraper-Palestine so far. On the right in front of the horizon neighborhood ''refugee camp'' Shuafat. In the middle far away at the Horizon...
  4. Photo Forum
    We have so many ancient sites in our little country and lot's of history. I think it's time for a thread for ancient sites and archeological sites.
  5. Photo Forum
    Tiberias is a city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee (also called the Kinneret), Lower Galilee, Israel. Established in 20 CE, it was named in honour of the emperor Tiberius. Tiberias has been venerated in Judaism since the middle of the 2nd century CE and since the 16th century has been...
  6. Photo forum
    Beirut through Instagram. Who said you need a pro camera to capture Beirut city's spirit and vibrance.. @makiiito @fadi_razzouk @sheikh_elhashem @ramijamesaoun @jpelhachem @jpelhachem @ibrahimsharif @alsauma @husseinmadra @george_m87 @ecekent @christymoukarzel
  7. Development & Economic News
    Hi! Working as a designer in Lebanese advertising company, I usually surf the Net for inspiration and new ideas. I found a website - Tribute to Erwin GUERROVICH - about the genuine pioneer in the Lebanese and Arab advertising industry and want other people to know more about the development of...
  8. Photo Forum
    ok so.... this thread is for restaurants in Israel. It's hard to find photos of restaurants so if you have please post.
  9. Photo Forum
    Jerusalem No. 1
  10. Photo Forum
    Tel Aviv No. 1 Tel Aviv No. 2 Tel Aviv No. 3 Tel Aviv No. 4
  11. Photo Forum
    Israeli borders. Taba Border Cross- The most southern border cross in Israel. Between Israeli city of Eilat to Egyptian town of Taba. Israeli Side: Egyptian Side:
  12. Fotoforum
    EDIT: UPDATE!!! GEHEEL GEUPDATE (24 januari 2010) Reclad van de bestaande afbeeldingen, groter formaat en werkend, + ZIE ONDERAAN DEZE PAGINA: EXTRA BOUWFOTO's. Deze zomer teruggeweest na een 1e keer in 2008 met cursus. Deze keer 3 weken vakantie zonder cursus en o.a. bekenden opzoeken en...
  13. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    What are You're top 3? Mine are: Beirut (Lebanon) (for the nightlife and beautiful downtown) Dubai (UAE) ( for the god of all skyscrapers Burj Dubai :drool:) San'a (Yemen) ( for the beautiful architecture)
  14. Photo Forum
    Jaffa is an ancient port city believed to be one of the oldest in the world. Jaffa is now part of Tel Aviv which is why the city's full name is Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.
  15. Urban Showcase
    Tel Aviv (literally "Hill of Spring")
  16. Photo Forum
  17. Photo Forum
    Mt. Tavor Lake Kineret (Sea Of Galilee)
  18. Photo Forum
    Karmiel is a city in northern Israel. Established in 1964 as a development town, Karmiel is located in the Beit HaKerem Valley, one of the geographical elements dividing the Upper and Lower Galilee. The city is located south of the 85 national road, also known as the Acre-Safed road , some 32...
  19. Projects
    Developer : Sayfco Holding Architect : Nabil Gholam Landscaper : Vladimir Djurovic Interior Designer : Claude Missir Complex Map Location
  20. Photo Forum
    Western Wall The Western Wall is a Jewish religious site located in the Old City of Jerusalem. The wall itself dates from the Second Temple period, (516 BCE - 70 CE). It is sometimes referred to as the Wailing Wall, referring to Jews who come to the site to mourn the destruction of the Holy...
1-20 of 27 Results