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  1. Manhattan
    Vornado’s Supertall 350 Park Avenue Fully Revealed, Expected To Rise Nearly 1,500′ To Pinnacle
  2. Manhattan
    no info on a height for this undertaking, but it will be a large new building right next to Grand Central and the Chrysler Building. Midtown’s Grand Hyatt Hotel to be replaced by huge mixed-use tower the current building: Chrysler Building and Grand Hyatt New York at night by RJ DiBella...
  3. Manhattan
    this is the first redevelopment project slated for midtown east following the neighborhood's rezoning to create a more modern stock of office space. Out With the Old Building, in With the New for JPMorgan Chase New 70-story JPMorgan Chase tower will be the first project under Midtown East...
  4. Supertalls
    I just saw this while reading the morning news: JPMorgan Plans New Manhattan Headquarters for 15,000 Workers. Source: Bloomberg. The new building could be as much as 500 feet taller than the current building 270 Park Ave, which is 707 feet (215m). That would yield a 1200 footer! Excerpt...
  5. New York City
    Mayor Bloomberg's vision of a new, brasher, taller Midtown has unleashed a swell of new proposals, ideas and visions for Midtown Manhattan. This thread focuses on the new Midtown upzoning and the concepts and conflicts sure to ensue. The...
1-6 of 6 Results