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  1. Manhattan
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    A towering Spire proposed by Trump in the 90s at the current site of the Time Warner Center. by Elia Atta: another potential design, by Murphy Jahn:
  3. Manhattan
    A new tower for Penn Plaza. Vornado has previously stated that they're going to redevelop multiple properties around the station.
  4. Proposed Supertalls
    Vornado has plans to revamp the neighborhood surrounding Penn Station. They've disclosed their intention to redevelop multiple properties. This rendering was snuck into a pdf pitching their redevelopment of the Pennsylvania Hotel (right tower, 427m)
  5. Manhattan
    Vornado’s Supertall 350 Park Avenue Fully Revealed, Expected To Rise Nearly 1,500′ To Pinnacle
  6. Proposed Skyscrapers
    the world's most iconic department store may receive a towering addition. The parking lot, offices and store in Brooklyn are currently being redeveloped. Macy’s explores raising skyscraper atop Midtown flagship wikipedia
  7. Highrises
    Tribeach Holdings Files Permits for New Times Square Hotel April 11, 2017 More DETAILS here.
  8. Manhattan
    New 520-Foot Hotel Tower Begins its Climb Over Times Square
  9. Manhattan
    no info on a height for this undertaking, but it will be a large new building right next to Grand Central and the Chrysler Building. Midtown’s Grand Hyatt Hotel to be replaced by huge mixed-use tower the current building: Chrysler Building and Grand Hyatt New York at night by RJ DiBella...
  10. Manhattan
    Macklowe's Midtown tower would be among the city's tallest
  11. Proposed Supertalls
    :banana: Macklowe's Midtown tower would be among the city's tallest
  12. Proposed Highrises
  13. Highrises
    another skyline detractor courtesy of Sam Chang and Gene Kaufman. Addressed at 140 West 24th Street. Gene Kaufman Designs Another Banal Hotel for Sam Chang; Hyatt Place to Soar 45 Floors Over Chelsea progress photo by JC_Heights on the YIMBY forums
  14. Highrises
    forgettable in everything but height. Another Sam Chang + Gene Kaufman special. Sadly, at the height approved, it will add two blank walls to the skyline. Addressed at 140 West 28th Street. Sam Chang Scores $121M Construction Loan for Chelsea Hotel progress photo by JC_Heights on the YIMBY...
  15. Skyscrapers
    Block 675 Tower A Jeff Levine Lining Up $415M in Construction Financing for Hudson Yards Tower
  16. Highrises
    Excavation Underway at 159 West 48th Street, Future Home of Hard Rock Hotel, Times Square
  17. Highrises
    NEW YORK | H Hotel W39 | 136m | 447ft | 29 fl | Prep H Hotel W39: First Look at Periscopic Hotel to Overlook Bryant Park
  18. Highrises
    Minrav lands $117M loan for planned Kips Bay resi tower ___
  19. Proposed Highrises
    demolition was recently completed on this property. Sadly, it was previously a beautiful (albeit slightly dilapidated) 19th century-style building from 1903. The LPC was clearly too busy looking after their own interests to save this historic corner building...
  20. Manhattan
    Vornado Leaks Renderings of Hotel Pennsylvania Replacement and 2 Penn Plaza Redesign ______ the previously rendered design by BIG was far less conservative: