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  1. Proposed Highrises
  2. Midwest and Plains
    On this site, we love to highlight beautiful and interesting buildings that represent the best of architecture. How about buildings that are on the opposite end of the spectrum? Post images of some ugly buildings that you have seen around the Midwest whether it be skyscrapers, small office...
  3. Projects and Construction
  4. Projects and Construction
  5. Highrises
    new highrise additions to the Lakeshore East neighborhood. Two residential towers with 866 combined units break ground in Lakeshore East
  6. Proposed Highrises
    $310 million, two skyscraper development coming to Midtown
  7. Proposed Highrises
    A mega-development slated for Chicago. To be divided between North and South. Lincoln Yards North: 650ft x 2 600 ft 450 ft 325 ft 80 ft 20 ft Lincoln Yards South: 575ft 500ft 150ft x 2 120...
  8. Proposed Highrises
    Kite to build 2 hotels at Pan Am Plaza; city to spend $120M on attached meeting space
  9. DN Archives
    Robert AM Stern does Minneapolis 41-story Eleven condo tower gets approval of Minneapolis planners
  10. Midwest and Plains
    Skylines and cityscapes are great, but theres beauty to be found on the inside as well. Post pictures of the interiors of the buildings that make up our great cities, and offer a perspective that most of us usually never see. Aragon Ballroom, Chicago Milwaukee Central Library The Chicago...
  11. Midwest and Plains
    As forumers, we are all proud (and rightfully so) of own cities. Every summer when I have comparatively less going on at work, I try to take day trips from Chicago. I'd like to expand that basically for everybody on this forum. What would be great is if people answer the following questions for...
  12. Midwest and Plains Development News
    36-story apartment tower planned for Central West End site on Kingshighway
  13. Midwest and Plains Development News
    I think it's about time these two cities got a thread for this. Yes, Wausau has an older thread, but that has been dead for nearly 3 years. Wausau and Stevens Point came into existence from the same event- George Stevens' logging in the area. He had done logging in the Wausau area and an outpost...
  14. Southeast
    Hey guys im thinking of moving to Oklahoma City within the next 6 -10months... Ive never been to Oklahoma before although I lived in Central Texas before so im not too sure what its like.. from the research ive done and people ive talked to I hear its one of those cities that you either love or...
  15. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Thought I'd share these. Not your typical skyline shots. All taken in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  16. Urban Showcase
    Since I've been posting several individual threads in the Urban Showcase over the past year featuring Minnesota cities and towns, I thought I might as well condense them all into one and continue to update at my pleasure. Thanks to everyone for your praise and encouragement as I very slowly...
  17. Urban Showcase
    Situated on Wayzata Bay at the northeastern end of Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata (pronounced Why-ZETTA) is a former Victorian-era resort town and today is is an upper-middle class suburban city. Because of its transformation to a suburban community in the mid-20th century, the city has an odd...
1-20 of 39 Results