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  1. London Metro Area
    A big development has gone in for planning for the Crown Wharf Site on Bidder St directly opposite the large Ballymores leamouth peninsula development that will straddle the other side of the A12. It is for a number of buildings including 3 towers of 24, 28 & 32 floors. Architects are A&M...
  2. London Metro Area
    EIA Scoping Report submitted recently to Waltham Forest, the proposed scheme would sit to the north of the existing housing under construction north of Blackhorse Road tube. The developer is asset manager Blackrock with Allies & Morrison as the project architect. Thankfully the light industrial...
  3. Proyectos Distrito Metropolitano de Guayaquil
    CONCEPTO DEL PROYECTO: Este exclusivo macroproyecto, inspirado en el estilo de vida de las grandes ciudades cosmopolitas del mundo, estará ubicado en el km. 1,5 Vía a Samborondón. Está pensado para convertirse en el punto de encuentro por excelencia, ofreciendo experiencias únicas, para todos...
  4. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Hello everyone! I am a young urban planner who is trying to improve his city! I am studying an industrial area on the outskirts of my city (Madrid). I am writing to you because I have in mind a project for the redevelopment/reconversion/improvement of the area. What I am looking for are...
  5. Proposed Highrises
    This will be the latest highrise to go up near Court Square. 45-Story, 250-Unit Tower Planned for 23rd Street in Court Square this will be the white massing. Skyline tower is on the left and adjacent is the dormant Toyoko Inn parcel. sadly, this will replace some charming walkups.
  6. Proposed Highrises
    L+M files new building plans for Sendero Verde Rose Companies files plans for 384-unit resi complex in East Harlem' rendering (dated)
  7. Brooklyn & Staten Island
    Rabsky Development hopes to bring 942-foot-tall building to DoBro
  8. Proposed Highrises
    With 80 Flatbush chopped down, this would be the second tallest building in Brooklyn after the supertall 9 deKalb. Expect fierce NIMBYism. Rabsky Development hopes to bring 942-foot-tall building to DoBro
  9. DN Archives
    Getting to Know Block 71, Downtown’s Most Fascinating Mixed-Use Plan @DanKeshet on Twitter
  10. NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    Developers Unveil 'Pratt Landing' Vision For New Rochelle Waterfront
  11. Milwaukee
    Generally I like to wait for some more firm information to come out before creating a thread but this one sounds like the documents are ready to be shared with the city, if only they could get the address correct. Here's what we know: Developer: HKS Holdings (mostly) along with Wangard Floors...
  12. Skyscrapers
    Dan Gilbert proposes a 734 ft skyscraper for the old Hudson's site. ________ the latest design, 912ft:
  13. Milwaukee
    Since it's pretty evident by the illustrations that there are some pretty decent sized towers in the post office redevelopment. I decided to create this thread now. I think this is another huge project that will play a huge role in the continued revitalization of downtown. Here is the first...
  14. Midwest and Plains Development News
    This thread is obviously dedicated to news and photos about the Green Bay Packers 34 acre Titletown District project. I thought creating this as kind of an archive that people could page through rather than having to look through the entire Green Bay thread might be helpful.
  15. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Making energetic, dynamic and sustainable urban areas often depends on supporting a good mix and density of different uses in an area - it keeps a place active and lively throughout the day and keeps jobs near to homes. Some mixes are more popular - you often see offices retail and homes close...
  16. DN Archives
    Proposed: 10/5/15 Cost: $100+ Million 308 Apartments, 16 Penthouse Suites Ground floor Retail 1,100 parking spots open to the public Rooftop pool/fire pit
  17. Milwaukee
    Proposed: 10/5/15 Cost: $100+ Million 308 Apartments, 16 Penthouse Suites Ground floor Retail 1,100 parking spots open to the public Rooftop pool/fire pit
1-20 of 37 Results