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  1. Scale Models
    For new models, go to Here's the best (and pretty much only) source for free paper skyscraper models. Each is a result of hours of hard work as well as trial and error. All of my models are precisely scaled at 1:1700 or 142ft per inch and 50cm per pixel, so you can compare...
  2. General Middle East Discussion
    I am not sure which subforum this should go best in (mods please decide), however I would like to start this thread to share pictures of any 3D architectural models (or any real models) you have made (this is actually an architectural forum :))
  3. Scale Models
    By Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1967 with sculpture The Red Cube by Isamu Noguchi, 1967. Edit november 20, 2008: Here's the diagram: Assembly instructions: Print everything at 25% to get fine details. Print the 4 main sides on photographic paper to make it shiny, the rest on normal paper...
  4. London Metro Area
    These are all my Models in Google Earth or Pending into Google Earth ( first being the first one modeled ) I will update it when Models get on Google, Removed from google, or I upload new Models to the 3D warehouse. They were all modeled using GoogleSketchup8 edit 10/11/10 added nido, more...
  5. Scale Models
    Here is my first attempt at anything... I am working with Photoshop, paint, scanner/sketching, luck, and a fair grasp of spatial relationships... This is a hotly sought after subject, so I decided I would start off with it, as even a model with problems is better than no model. Sorry the skins...
  6. Regiones | Catalunya
    BCN eliminarà un braç de la Model per guanyar un parc de 12.000 m2 • L'avantprojecte municipal suprimeix edificis i murs perimetrals i proposa un equipament per ala • Les obres començaran com a molt aviat el 2012, quan estigui a punt la nova presó de la Zona Franca La bona estrella de la...
1-8 of 13 Results