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  1. Classic Architecture
    Hi! So we have a lot of creative and talented people aboard this forum. But even those who aren't quite on top yet, improve your skills: Share your own drawings, paintings, drafts, 3D models etc. of traditional / historical / classical architecture! It doesn't have to be real/existing...
  2. Scale Models
    For new models, go to Here's the best (and pretty much only) source for free paper skyscraper models. Each is a result of hours of hard work as well as trial and error. All of my models are precisely scaled at 1:1700 or 142ft per inch and 50cm per pixel, so you can compare...
  3. Projects and Construction
    Some of the benefits of using 3D modeling technique include: • Estimation of the quantity of materials required. • You get clear picture of the final project. • Less chances of error as the designer can easily avoid errors that might have occurred while drawing. • Facilitate interior décor...
  4. Scale Models
    By Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1967 with sculpture The Red Cube by Isamu Noguchi, 1967. Edit november 20, 2008: Here's the diagram: Assembly instructions: Print everything at 25% to get fine details. Print the 4 main sides on photographic paper to make it shiny, the rest on normal paper...
  5. Infrastructure, Transportation & Economy
    Dear Aviation Fans, Please use this thread for Aircraft Model Discussion/Pictures and Timetable images/Discussions. More Details about Model Aircraft from Wikipedia: Model aircraft are flying or non-flying models of existing or imaginary aircraft, often scaled-down versions of full size...
  6. Моделирование и компьютерные игры
    Кто хочет продолжить, скидывайте свои модели я их буду размещать Построен жилой дом, почти готова поликлиника, видно пятно под второй ЖД и разметку под многофункциональное здание на проспекте :lol:
1-6 of 14 Results