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  1. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    53 West 53 New York, United States HEIGHT: 320 m/1,050 ft FLOORS: 77 above ground, 3 below ground COMPLETION: 2019 ARCHITECT: Jean Nouvel FUNCTION: Residential OTHER NAMES: 53W53, 53 West 53rd, Tower Verre, Tour de Verre, MoMA Tower 53 West 53, named after its address on 53rd Street, is a...
  2. New Jersey
    the first tower of this twin towered development is completed. These towers will stand out in the region because of the location of Fort Lee on the Palisades above the Hudson River and Manhattan. rendering:
  3. Projects & Construction
    Градсовет утвердил строительство музея современного искусства в Алматы
  4. Texas
    Rules: - Buildings are arranged by height (tallest vs tallest, second tallest vs second tallest etc.) - Vote for ONE building for each height level * Please vote from an architectural standpoint and remove ALL bias * Do NOT vote for your city ONLY to boost the rankings, this throws off the poll...
  5. Architecture
    This thread is for any modernist building from the mid '40s to the mid '70s! This includes functionalism, expressionism, googie, and other styles considered 'modern' in this time period. Lake House, Issaquah, Washington, USA (1963) Architect: Unknown Nakoma Residence, Dallas, Texas (1951)...
  6. Classic Architecture
    In this thread I hope to post examples of the "Other Modern". In this case the other modern means buildings that are innovative but use traditional forms. These buildings are not perfect examples of classical or traditional architecture and are at the same time not examples of "Modern"...
  7. Architecture
    Hi everyone! I would like to present the Macedonian modern/contemporary architecture created by domestic and foreign architects. The buildings that I'm gonna present you will be those built after 1950. If you have any question or comments please free to ask or to discuss anything related to...
  8. Public Space
    Interesting Urban Plazas Came across these plaza's in Europe and thought I'd pass them along here... The Plaza del Torico in Teruel, Spain was renovated with something even better than yellow bricks—over 1230 color-changing LED lamps embedded in the pavement. It's kind of like that fiber...
1-8 of 8 Results