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  1. Le Complexe Desjardins | MONTREAL | 152m/130m/108m | 40fl/32fl/28fl

    North and South America
    Le Complexe Desjardins Montreal, Canada HEIGHT: 152m/517feet 130m/433feet 108m/360feet FLOORS: 40fl/32/28fl COMPLETION: 1976 ARCHITECT: ?
  2. Luz Condos, changements au visuel

    Salut! je ne sais pas si un sujet existait déjà pour ce projet, mais il ont annoncé hier de gors changements à l'architecture, donc voici les nouveaux dessins.... il est vraiment plus chouette qu'avant à mon goût!
  3. Îcone Condos

    Îcone Condos / 38 Floors / 124.m. i-7jLNDcg-XL by MTL Rumors, on Flickr
  4. L'Avenue Montréal

    L'Avenue Montréal /50 Floors mixed use /184.m
  5. Montreal: Quartier Triangle (Côte des neiges)

    Hello everybody, I know three projects developing right now in this neiborhood, i just wanted to know what do you think about them.. Luz Condos: Building with 117 condominiums, 10 storeys plus 2 floors of underground parking Ma Condos: Building with eight floors...
  6. 2011 CITIES

    Urban Showcase
    Places I visited during the past year... Montreal, Quebec, Canada Port Lambton, Ontario, Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Chicago, Illinois, USA Detroit, Michigan, USA Hamilton, Ontario, Canada...
  7. Montreal • Île des Sœurs - Canada

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    Île des Sœurs (Nun's Island) is part of the Montreal borough of Verdun. The population of Nun's Island was 16,210 in 2006.
  8. Van New York tot Montréal.

    Eind juli, begin augustus toerden wij rond in het zuidoosten van Canada. We begonnen onze trip in New York, waar we als fikse opwarmer een weekje verbleven. Van daaruit spoorden we via Niagara falls, Ottawa en Quebec naar Montréal. De komende weken kunnen jullie dus regelmatig een verse lading...
  9. (CA/US) Van New York tot Montréal.

    Fotoforum / Section d'images
    We zijn intussen reeds enkele weken terug van onze zomerse trip. Die bracht ons dit keer vanuit New York via Niagara falls, Ottawa en Quebec naar Montréal. De komende weken kunnen jullie dus regelmatig een lading verse foto's verwachten. Verwacht geen uitgebreid reisverslag, maar vooral veel...
  10. Longueuil - Canada

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    Edit: My internet screwed up and I couldn't add the poll. Could an admin/mod please attach one? Thanks. Longueuil - Canada Suburb on the south shore of Montreal. Population: 230,000[email protected]/5960224054/sizes/z/in/photostream/...
  11. Altoria Montréal

    Altoria Montréal / 35 Floors mixed use / 130.m. , ,
  12. One Night in Montreal: Rue Ste-Catherine 081108

    Urban Showcase
    The rest of my photos of Montreal can be found HERE.
  13. M O N T R É A L

    Urban Showcase
  14. Montreal - Pics taken over the holidays.

    Urban Showcase
    Hey folks, I'm visiting my home of Montreal for the holidays, and i thought i would share some pictures with you all. If you like these, feel free to check out my photostream on Flickr. :) Enjoy! :cheers: I'll post more if people like...
  15. MONTREAL | Le V (Courtyard Marriott) | 138m | 42 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Under construction since November Floor: 40 Height: Around 130 meters Use: Condos and Hotel Stage: Digging Rendering: Source: by cataclaw
  16. MONTREAL | Altitude | 124m | 406ft | 33 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Under construction since June Floor: 33 Height: Around 125 meters Use: Condos Stage:crane installed, ground work and hole completed Rendering
  17. Histo(e)ryzujące domy jednorodzinne w Kanadzie

    Na SkyscraperCity często pisze się o stawianych w Polsce dworkach/pałacykach/hacjendach...Chcę tutaj pokazać podobne (według mnie) zjawisko w Kanadzie. Zdjęcia pochodzą z nowobudowanej dzielnicy "Dix30" na Brossard - suburbiach Montrealu. Ceny domów na zdjęciach wachają się między pół a 1,5...
  18. Монреаль | Montreal | Montréal

    Давно хотел показать - здесь есть довольно много домов очень похожих на обычные советские здания. У меня даже как то дежа вю было. Походу и них периоды истории был когда массово строили социальноё жильё. Пока - немного фотоко - из того что в инете нарыл, потом может ещё выложу когда сам...
  19. MONTREAL, Canada

    Urban Showcase
    CANADIAN CITIES: Toronto - Ottawa - Regina - London - Hamilton - Montreal - Quebec City - Halifax - Winnipeg MONTRÉAL - QUÉBEC Click to enlarge
  20. Montreal selon Atanga

    Urban Showcase
    In the grand tradition of TB's Toronto and Gappa's Melbourne, I thought I'd try my hand at a Montreal thread. I'm always trying to get as far away from Montreal as I can, but I figure while I'm here I may as well make the most of it and show off this beautiful, frustrating, fascinating island...