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  1. Densifying the Montreal rowhouse neighbourhoods

    G'day, I'm studying the possibilities for densifying Montreal rowhouse neighbourhoods and wondering if anyone knows of any similar studies done. So, for example, options for adding laneway housing, or adding additional stories on top of the houses, or...? Basically I'm looking for any approach...
  2. 4 Seasons in **Montreal**

    Urban Showcase
    Montreal - 4 Seasons Some shots I've taken over the last few seasons in my hometown...
  3. Toronto, Quebec y Montreal, Canadá

    Fotografía | Reportajes del resto del mundo
    La mayoría de los 30 millones de habitantes de Canadá vive cerca de la frontera con los Estados Unidos. Más del 60% de esta población reside en el sureste del país, donde están las tres ciudades que visité. Me pareció un lugar perfecto para vivir, aunque a lo mejor tendría que pasar un invierno...
  4. Biosphère | Montréal, Canada

    Modern Times
    The Biosphère was built especially for the United state pavillon of the Expo 67. (the most succesfull Expo in the world with over 50 millions visitors and It also set the single-day attendance record for a world's fair with 569,000 visitors on its third day) This geodesic dome, is 76 meters...
  5. Basilica of Mary, Queen of the World | Montréal, Quebec, Canada

    Industrial Ages
    2nd Largest Church in Canada... (1st one also located in Montreal :yes:)
  6. Saint Joseph's Oratory | Montréal, Quebec, Canada

    Industrial Ages
    Not from the Industrial age, construction started around 1904 ...
  7. MONTREAL | Place de la Cité Internationale | 16 fl | App

    General Urban Developments
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Place de la Cité Internationale (Montréal - Québec) Height : ~140m Floors: 31 fl Designation: An office tower of 725,000 square-foot Developer...
  8. MONTREAL | 900 de Maisonneuve Ouest | 114m | 384ft | 28 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 900, De Maisonneuve Ouest (Montréal - Québec) Address:900 De Maisonneuve W...
  9. MONTREAL | 701 University | ~135m | 33 fl | ~53m | 15 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    701 University (Montréal - Québec) Address:701 University Height : 135m/53m Floors: 33/15 fl Developer: Magil Laurentienne Architect: BLT architectes Status: Proposed Expected Occupancy: 2010 Strategically located, 701 University is one of the largest available land sites in downtown...
  10. What is your favorite city in Quebec...

    ...Other than Montrèal and Quebec City?
  11. Should Mirabel Airport close permanently and be removed?

    In December 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the return of more than 4,450 hectares of farmland expropriated to build Mirabel Airport. Because of this, I started to think that Mirabel Airport is nearing the end of this useful life (as a cargo-only airport) and that it may get all of...
  12. CANADA | MONTREAL - Città sotterranea

    Architettura, urbanistica, infrastrutture
    Ciao ragazzi, un paio di settimane fa seguendo il GP di F1 disputatosi a Montreal in Canada ho sentito parlare del fatto che, siccome in città le temperature per gran parte dell'anno a parte uno o due mesi sono freddissime e addirittura se non mi sbaglio toccano anche i -20 se non di più, esiste...
  13. Développements Montréal/Montréal Developments

    Made by Gilbert from the Québec forum @ SSP Montréal's Facts City population : 1 873 813 Metro population : 3 635 700 Immigrant population (2001) : 492 235 City area : 500 km2 Metro area...
  14. Montreal Olympic Stadium | Montreal, Canada

    Modern Times
    Based only on the "look"...not the cost!
  15. MONTREAL | Projects & Construction

    City/Metro Compilations
    ------------------------------------------------------ Updated projects masterlist – by Gilbert ( Under construction Hilton Garden Inn Expected Occupancy: 2008 Developer: Groupe Canvar Architect: Geiger Huot Architectes Floors: 37 fl Designation: 200-room hotel (first 13...
  16. Bell Telephone Building, Montreal

    North and South America
    Bell Telephone Building, Montréal Bell Telephone Building - Montréal Canada 1929 96m 22 Floors
  17. Place Montréal Trust, Montréal

    North and South America
    Place Montréal Trust - Montréal Canada 1988 134m 30 Floors
  18. Place de la Cathedrale, Montréal

    North and South America
    Place de la Cathedrale - Montréal Canada 1987 146m 34 Floors
  19. MONTREAL - Stade Olympique / Olympic Stadium (65,255)

    Is it true that the roof and massive crane have never actually been used because they made an arse of it? If this is true, then the stadium is poor as it's actual design and building has never been completed.
  20. Tour Banque Royale ,Montreal

    North and South America
    Built: 1926-1928 Architect: York & Sawyer Floors: 22 (+2) Height: 121 meters/ 398 feet When it was built in 1928, and for many years afterward, the new head office of the Royal Bank held the record for the tallest building in the British Empire.