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  1. Architecture
    The question is clear: how many? but also you can add some more information: which ones? in how many different countries? in how many regions? which was your favourite? The intangible cultural heritage should not be included in the list, but if someone want to mention that have experienced...
  2. Guess the City
    It's my turn to start a GTC thread! I hope you participate and enjoy it! :banana: This new thread is called 'Guess the World Heritage Site' and, as you can imagine, it’s about declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO around the world. I love this topic (I even write about it in Spanish...
  3. Iвaнo-Фpaнкiвcьк / Ivano-Frankivsk
    Пам'ятники, меморіальні дошки, скульптури Івано-Франківська Оскільки в нашому місті останніми роками спостерігається справжня пам'ятникоманія то вирішив створити спеціальну тему де можна було б їх обговорювати і викладати інформацію про них.
  4. Modern Times
    Jam Gadang (literally "Massive Clock") is a clocktower and major landmark of the city of Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is located in the centre of the city, near the main market, Pasar Atas, and is a tourist attraction. History The structure was built in 1926 during the Dutch...
  5. Культура і архітэктура
    Па аналёгіі з менскім трэдам прапаную выкладваць сюды навіны пра скульптуры, помнікі, мемарыяльныя дошкі зь іншых гарадоў Беларусі У Лепелі з‘явіцца бронзавы Сапега Былы канцлер ВКЛ паўстане на гранітным пастаменце ў святочнай вопратцы з гетманскай булавой і шабляй. Такую кампазіцыю прапанаваў...
  6. Photo Forum
    This rare architecture is located in Kafin Madaki village of Ganjuwa Local Government Area. It remains one of the rare architectural legacies of late Muhammed Durugu, a local genius popularly referred to as Babban Gwani. This same man who designed many of the palaces of Emirs in Northern Nigeria...
  7. Photography and Sky Patogh
    What is so special about this square? The Azadi Tower (Persian: برج آزادی, Borj-e Azadi meaning in English: Freedom Tower) (previously known as the Shahyād Āryāmehr Persian: شهیاد آریامهر, English: King Memorial Tower) is the symbol of Tehran, Iran, and marks the entrance to the city. Built in...
  8. Львів / Lviv
    Pamjatnyk Adamovi Mic'kevychu u L'vovi. Vvazhajet'sja najkraschym iz jomu vstanovlenyh. Avtoramy buly poljak ta ukrajinec' (ostannij fakt vrjatuvav toj pamjatnyk pislja 2ji SV). Zaraz ne pryhaduju prizvysch, potim hljanu.
  9. Photo Forum
    Airport Jerusalem Tel Aviv Haifa Acco Kiriat Motzkin
  10. Regiones | Catalunya
    Avui m'he adonat que ja fa un any que estic en aquest fòrum d' :cheers: i la veritat és que a part de veure que no sóc l'únic penjat que s'emboba mirant amunt i fent fotos d'edificis a mig fer.... :) També m'he adonat que visc en una de les ciutats més meravelloses del...
1-10 of 10 Results