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  1. Tangier
    I couldn't find the final render anywhere, if someone can give us a clue but the restoration is already on i've read that they choose spanich architects in a cooperation with Valencia university to restore it الحذر يشوب ترميم معلمة "بلاصا طورو" بطنجة
  2. North
    Rouadi is a small town and rural commune in Al Hoceïma Province.
  3. Travels Abroad
    Morocco (Arabic: المغرب‎, romanized: al-Maġrib, lit. 'place the sun sets; the west'; Standard Moroccan Tamazight: ⵍⵎⵖⵔⵉⴱ, romanized: lmeɣrib; French: Maroc) officially the Kingdom of Morocco is a country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the...
  4. Water & Energy
    Solaire: Noor Midelt I attribué à un consortium maroco-émirati-français
  5. Military & Security
    Morocco introduced a new air defense system into the arsenal of the Royal Armed Forces, the medium-range air defense system "Sky Dragon 50" from China was introduced . The system was brought in last December, after last year Morocco sent a number of officers and technicians from the Royal...
  6. Urban Showcase
    Much like in 2012 I did a second trip to Morocco and the Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz region. I'm not a great photographer and all my pics are taken with a pocket camera. Anyway hope you enjoy some photo's of Marocco alongside with the brilliant other thread about Marrakech running here.
  7. المغرب Morocco
    Hello and welcome to the Moroccan forum! ______________________ After accommodating yourself with the rules, here’s a list of advices, tips, and information that may be useful: Abbreviations:Sccm: Skyscrappercity Morocco U-C: under construction | U-E: under extension | T-O: topped out U-R...
  8. Entertainment
    Espaces verts: Oujda se lance un défi écologique
  9. West
  10. South Notre démarche architecturale :
  11. Rabat-Salé
  12. General photography
    Blop ! What about a thread to post and discuss ugly, kitschy and odd architecture of Morocco? As there is a lot of bad architecture in our country, I would suggest that we keep this thread only for big, distinctive buildings, so please, do not post houses and apartments here, we wouldn't...
  13. Moroccan Arts
    A thread to present valuable historical object of Morocco and to discuss them. I'll begin with a Veterinary treatise which dates back to the 18th century Ad. like the following article says, the most important thing in this treatise, is the 9 miniatures that it contains, and the level of...
  14. Water & Energy
    Eolien: Le parc de Midelt lancé en juin 2016 Lire plus : Fi khater Biladatlas ou Simplet.
  15. Africa: Photo Galleries
    Royaume du Maroc Capitale Administrative : RABAT Capitale Economique : CASABLANCA Capitale Spirituelle : FEZ Principales villes: -Agadir -Marrakech -Tanger -Oujda -Meknes -Tetouan -Kenitra -Laayoune -Nador -Salé Chef de l'Etat : Roi Mohammed VI (22ème monarque de la Dynastie...
  16. Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    No Info for the moment, just some photos.
  17. Culture
    ENQUÊTE (Par Roxana Azimi, Le Le 06.08.2015) Le royaume du Maroc travaille, en secret, au projet d’une antenne de l’École des beaux-arts à Rabat En lire plus ...
  18. Cityscapes
    Kasba Tadla Wikipedia
  19. General photography
    A thread about Urban Parks and gardens in our cities. Apparently, the oldest gardens still in existence in Morocco date back to the XIIth century, during the Almohades era. (source) p.72
  20. South
    Laâyoune: La première EST dans les provinces du Sud ouvre ses portes Read more: More infos : Amush Official Website: