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  1. Proposed Supertalls
    The Moscow Council of Architects approved the project for the Park Pobedy transport hub on Kutuzovsky Prospekt The Moscow Architectural Council supported a landmark project as part of the Pobedy Park transport hub (TPU) on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Bureau “Meganom” proposed to place on the territory...
  2. Zagranica
    W Moskwie i okolicach byłem kilkukrotnie, jest ona fascynującym miastem dla turysty i mimo że spędziłem tam łącznie parę tygodni to zdołałem jedynie zobaczyć część ciekawych miejsc, jest na pewno po co wracać. Miałem też okazję odwiedzić parę stolic obwodowych i jest to już zupełnie inny świat...
  3. Skyscrapers
    Multi-use (offices + retail) complex Аrchitect: JAHN (US) Developer: MR Group"] ^^ Source It's here
  4. Skyscrapers
    Headquarters for Roscosmos and the new mission control center is planned in Moscow 2km to the northwest of Moscow City. Designed by UNK Project, the tower symbolises a rocket on a launch pad.
  5. Rate Our Visions
    what could have been the world's largest building.
  6. Rate Our Visions
    once envisioned as the centerpiece icon of Moscow IBC.
  7. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Capital City Moscow Tower Moscow, Russia HEIGHT: 310 m/1,016 ft FLOORS: 76 above ground, 6 below ground COMPLETION: 2010 ARCHITECT: NBBJ FUNCTION: Residential Moscow Tower is the taller of the two buildings in the Capital City complex, the other being the 257 meter-tall St. Petersburg Tower...
  8. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Eurasia Tower Moscow, Russia Height: 309m/1013ft Floors: 72 fl Function: Mixed Use Architect: Gorproject Completed: 2015
  9. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    OKO Residential Tower Moscow, Russia Height: 354m/1162ft Floors: 94 Function: Residential, Hotel Architect: Skidmore Owings & Merrill Completed: 2015 OKO Tower by Naz Aslambek, on Flickr Moscow International Business Center by Vitaly Alexandrov, on Flickr
  10. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Federation Tower (Vostok Tower) Moscow, Russia Height: 374m/1226ft Floors: 94 Function: Office, Residential Architect: Rimax Design; SPEECH Completed: 2016 Dorogomilivskaya street, Moscow by Vitaly Alexandrov, on Flickr DSC_0596 by Amir Rustamov, on Flickr
  11. Highrises
    Type: multi-use (retail, offices, hotel, apartments) Architect: Evgeny Gerasimov and partners (RUS) Developer: Alcon Development Total area: 54 012 m2
  12. Completed
    Ilya Gerkus: "we are Working on a pre-design solution for the reconstruction of the stadium" General Director of "Locomotive" Ilya Herkus said that the arena railroad awaits renovation. - When will the stadium be rebuilt? - It is very difficult to answer this question. Now we are working...
  13. Skyscrapers
    14 Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment Location: MIBC plot 01, Moscow, Russia Number of towers: 3 Height: 212m | 695ft Floors: 48 Project: Sergey Skuratov Architects Renders
  14. Photography
    Dubai (in Arabic: دبيّ‎, Dubayy) is one of the seven emirates and the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. The Dubai Municipality is sometimes called Dubai city to distinguish it from the...
  15. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    I'll start with the compilation of photos from the threads of the Joy of Russian Architecture series. But first - Kremlin and the Red Square. The Joy of Russian Architecture Series: — Moscow — Russian Baroque — Russian Wooden Homes — Modern Russian Churches ★★★★★ — Magnificent Saint Petersburg...
  16. Completed
    Legends Arena, Moscow. Webcam Hockey ice palace for 12000 seats, one small arena for 3000 seats and a training rink for 500 seats. To be completed by the end of 2014. Supposedly it should become a new home for one of the Moscow's KHL teams. It's...
  17. Skyscrapers
    Its time to have a new thread for this popular discussion but as usual there are some strict rules for all members to follow and after consulting with the admins a few more rules have been added... 1. Only skyline photos of the modern skyscrapers allowed. Showing any low rises or old buildings...
1-18 of 148 Results