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  1. Wellington
    Otaki expressway on fast track
  2. Highways & Autobahns
    Libya ليبيا Libye
  3. Scottish Architecture Forum
    After reading about today's announcement that the A9 project will start two years earlier than planned, I decided to start a thread dedicated to Scotland's road projects.. there are quite a lot of in the pipleline! The two biggest cities will (finally) be connected by motorway once the M8 is...
  4. National Transportation and Infrastructure
    This freeway is a planned freeway from Astara's Azerbaijan border to Gorgan following the coastal line of Caspian Sea (where it gets its name fromr). It is 700 km long.
  5. Infrastructure and Mobility _______________ Istanbul tunnel funding ready for first quarter ISTANBUL - Bloomberg Friday, October 22, 2010 The funding for a $1.2 billion tunnel under Istanbul’s Bosphorus strait will be ready by the end of the first quarter, a group which was awarded the...
  6. Highways & Autobahns
    Hi! I have been replying to several posts here at SSC's Highways and Autobahns board for a while and this is my first time that I started a thread. The title of this thread will be the use of Interstate highways by other than motor vehicle traffic. Before I go on further, the terms Interstate...
  7. Highways & Autobahns
    Which is your 'cruising' speed on a motorway? What about a normal 1+1 highway? How fast have you ever gone on a motorway? I usually drive with 130 - 140 km/h on a coutryside motorway. The highest speed I went was about 160 km/h, so not that fast. On a normal 1+1 highway I usually go with 100...
  8. Highways & Autobahns
    I will post all pictures to the relevant threads later but I guess it's not a problem if I'll put the entire journey into a single thread at first. Quick facts about the trip: Distance: about 2160km Time: 29 hours (including 9 hour stopeover to sleep) Crew: bleetz (driver), Pansori (passenger...
  9. Newcastle Metro Area
    This story has been in the news for about twenty years or more. Every so often "something seems to be about to happen" or (as on this occasion) a tragedy on the road leads to someone "calling for something to happen". This story is likely to run-and-run (unlike the road) for a long time, so I...
  10. Highways & Autobahns
    While a hot issue at the moment, are there any other countries besides the United States which can order contraflow on freeways? Contraflow means all lanes can be used outbound, in order to speed up the evacuation of a city/coastal area.
  11. Highways & Autobahns
    I could not find any good pictures, so I took some from Google Earth... Looks pretty good to me. Does anybody have any ground pictures?
  12. Transportation
    Whats a difference between Mwy and Fwy? Pacific Mwy bypasses the Gold Coast and then into NSW changes to Fwy. Then Ballina Bypass becomes Pacific Mwy. I have no idea whats the difference between Mwy and Fwy in sorts of places with similar environment?
  13. Road Infrastructure
    Due for completion in 2010, Algeria’s $11.2 billion East-West Highway development is the world’s largest current highway construction project. The development, financed by the Algerian Government, will extend 1,216km and ensure the link between Annaba in the north-east and Tlemcen in the...
  14. Rrugët
    SIVJET 7 MILION EURO PËR INFRASTRUKTURËN E RRUGËVE TË DUKAGJINIT Prishtinë, 19.05.2008 Në vazhdim të aktiviteteve të njëpasnjëshme të MTPT prej fillimit të këtij viti, sot në Banjë të Pejës u bë edhe përurimi i rrugës (projekt i qeverisë së mëparshme) Banjë e Pejës – Vrellë e Istogut e gjatë 6...
  15. Highways & Autobahns
    by popular demand; United Kingdom M1: London - Leeds 191 miles M2: Rochester - Faversham 26 miles M3: London - Southampton 59 miles M4: London - Pontarddulais 190 miles M5: Walsall - Exeter 163 miles M6: Catthorpe - Carlisle 227 miles M6Toll: Birmingham bypass 27 miles M8: Edinburgh -...
  16. Highways & Autobahns
    Toronto, Ontario to New York City, NY (and back) Greetings. I have recently returned from a trip to NYC, and as I promised in the thread about interstates, I have taken some random photos of the drive. I was only taking pictures when I wasn't doing the driving, so there are big gaps in the...
  17. Infrastructure and Mobility
    TURKEY | Existing Turkish Highways Turkish Highways
  18. Инфраструктура
    Krasnopresnensky tunnel on the map Scheme of Krasnopresnensky tunnel Old photos (september 2003) from point C: Construction of mounting area for big TBM (Herrenknecht, d=14.8 m): Construction of small mounting area (for small TBM Herrenknecht, d=5.6 m) Me and small component of...