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  1. Infraestrutura na Região da Serra da Uruburetama

    Este thread é voltado à postagem de projetos de infraestrutura viária e urbana em andamento ou planejados pelas autoridades municipais, regionais ou estaduais dos seguintes municípios: Itapipoca, Itapajé, Uruburetama, Umirim, Tururu e Miraíma. Municípios vizinhos também podem ser mencionados...
  2. A2 | Echangeur Sbaa Aioun | #Approved

    AO 179/14/S Objet : La réalisation des travaux de construction de l'échangeur de Sbaa Aioun situé aux environs du PK 141 de l'autoroute Rabat - Fès...
  3. AGADIR - GUELMIM | Highway | 159-238 km | 7-17 MMDH | #Project

    AGADIR - GUELMIM | Highway | 159-238 km | 7-17 MMDH | #Project L'appel d'offres
  4. Romanian Motorways - Index and Statistics

    Infrastructure & Transport
    This thread is intended to contain relevant data about Motorway development in Romania. Planned Romanian motorway map: Map taken from wikipedia. Current Romanian motorway map (existing and under construction): Romanian motorways map made by forum user SfantuMM (download link - 47 MB)...
  5. Србија - ауто-пут А5 | Serbia - motorway А5

    Kinezi će graditi autoput Pojate-Preljina Ministarka Verica Kalanović izjavila je da je započela pregovore sa Kinezima o izgradnji tzv."moravskog koridora" , odnosno regionalnog autoputa Pojate - Preljina dužine oko 110 km Ministarka za regionalni razvoj i lokalnu samoupravu Verica Kalanović...
  6. Autoceste / Аутопутеви | Motorways

    Privreda, Infrastruktura i Transport
    Ova tema se odnosi na autoputeve u BiH. This thread is about motorways in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Overview map: Green = In use Yellow = Under construction Red = Financed Orange and Blue = Future plans Trenutno stanje | Current state (December 2012) Izgrađeno i u prometu | Built and in use ~...
  7. Regional ROAD NETWORK - Coast Road, Great North Road, A69, A19, Central Motorway, etc

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Without the Coast Road, North Tyneside would be dead and certainly wouldn't be playing a part in the future hope of Greater Newcastle. It has often wondered me how important and how well structered the coast road (A1058) is. Compared to other roads in the UK linking towns, citys and districts...
  8. Moroccan Highways & Roads maps only / Cartes autoroutières et routières du Maroc uniquement

    Sur ce thred, uniquement des cartes concernant les autoroutes et routes. Si vous souhaitez discutez des projets concernant les projets en ex-mêmes, faites "Quote" et posté le post correspondant dans la section adéquat du forum pour en discuter. Vous pouvez également posté des images Google...
  9. Србија - ауто-пут А1 | Serbia - motorway A1 | E75 | K10

    Magistralna i regionalna putna mreza Autoput E-75 Beograd - Novi Sad, 87km Beograd - Novi Sad 1 Beograd - Novi Sad 2 Autoput E-70 Beograd - Zagreb, 113km Sabac - Beograd Ruma - Beograd Beograd - Zagreb Ulaz na petlju Ruma Beograd - Sremska Mitrovica Autoput E-80 Nis-Dimitrovgrad, 94m Nis...
  10. Српска - ауто-путеви | Srpska - motorways

    Uvodne informacije Istorija autoputeva i brzih puteva u Republici Srpskoj počinje sedamdesetih godina prošlog vijeka. Tada je još za bivše države izgrađen brzi put Banjaluka – Klašnice u dužini od 9 km i profila 2+2 bez zaustavnih traka. Iako to nije, ovaj put je nerijetko nazivan autoputem...
  11. Technological advances on Highways (Automatic tool, Panel Light Messages...)

    12,4m€ ce sera pas de simpes panneaux en métal... j'espere que l'on va multiplier les panneaux lumineux !
  12. Index des Autoroutes du Maroc

    Index des Autoroutes du Maroc Réseau existant A1 : Rabat - Tanger : 223 km 1995 : Autoroute Rabat – Kénitra de 40 km 1996 : Autoroute Kénitra – Larache de 110 km 1999 : Autoroute Larache – Sidi El Yamani de 28 km 2002 : Autoroute Sidi El Yamani – Asilah de 15 km 2005 ...
  13. [YAR] Yemen Highways and Motorways / al-Yaman / اليَمَن

    Highways & Autobahns
    Yemen is one of the most fascinating counties in the world to visit, and yet receives the least tourists. Unfortunately, it has received some bad press recently and over the last years. The main concern for visitors is kidnapping since foreigners may be a target particularly in Saada, to the...
  14. The A1 and A1(M) - Dualling North of Newcastle & "Completing the Motorway" from the South, plus Western Bypass sections, etc

    Newcastle Metro Area
    This story has been in the news for about twenty years or more. Every so often "something seems to be about to happen" or (as on this occasion) a tragedy on the road leads to someone "calling for something to happen". This story is likely to run-and-run (unlike the road) for a long time, so I...
  15. "DIVERSION" - Building the CME (Central Motorway East) from 1972 to 1975.

    Newcastle Metro Area
    On the 'Jesmond Developments' thread, I showed some extracts from the 1970s City Council Newsheet 'series', Diversion, that (when viewed in it's entirity) tells the COMPLETE story of the building of the Central Motorway East (CME). I offered to show the series in full on here, over a period...
  16. Pan-European Corridor IV

    Infrastructure & Transport
    Section Nădlac - Arad 38.88 km, 147 Mil Euro Section Arad - Timişoara 32.20 km, 270 Mil Euro Section Timişoara - Lugoj 35.62 km, 359,32 Mil Euro Section Lugoj - Deva 99.50 km, 1,219 Mil Euro Section Deva - Orăştie 32.80 km, 350 Mil Euro Section Orăştie - Sibiu 82.07 km, 823,89 Mil Euro...
  17. European Motorway Projects

    Highways & Autobahns
    I don't think there a thread on this. I guess much of the information is on here already, scattered around the different countries' fora. But I would love to have a list of new/diverted/extended/widened motorways, projected and under-construction, in Europe. Here's the UK's list of extensions...
  18. Linguistic issues - road signs

    Highways & Autobahns
    Since many of the topics include linguistic issues, it is good to have one to transfer all such opinions and to make such discussions here. I am sorry if there is another such thread - if there is I'd like the moderator to delete this one. My personal opinion is that we have to respect other...
  19. [EST] Estonia | road infrastructure • Eesti teed

    Highways & Autobahns
    Estonia / Eesti Traffic volumes around Tallinn
  20. [UY] Uruguayan roads • carreteras de Uruguay

    Highways & Autobahns
    Ruta interbalnearia / Interbalnearia Highway: 4-6 lanes. Montevideo-Punta del este (photo by ilignelli 1990) (photo by ilignelli 1990) (photo by ilignelli 1990) (photo by ilignelli 1990) (photo by ilignelli 1990) (photo by ilignelli 1990) (photo by ilignelli 1990) (photo by...