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  1. Ontario
    Toronto Star online article: Drive-ins: Movies on Wheels By Eric Veillette SPECIAL TO THE STAR May 19, 2011 Anyone seeking to eulogize the drive-in theatre is invited to ride out to Oakville on a Saturday night to see more than 100 cars lined up to enter the 5 Drive-In, located...
  2. El Botadero
    Order of Chaos [2010] rmvb + subtitulos pegados + capturas Hola amigos, para poder unir las partes de alguna película vamos a usar el Hacha. Si no lo tenés acá te lo dejo, no pesa nada solo (81kb) Si quieren pasar por mi blog es este...
  3. Newcastle Metro Area
    I thought it would be good to have a thread for discussions about "Newcastle and the North East" portrayed in and by the Media. YouTube clips, songs, cinema films, tv documentaries, tv shows, etc etc. Feel free to post. I've gathered just a few clips from YouTube to start us off with...
  4. United States Urban Issues
    What doesm Independence Day, The Day After Tommorow, King Kong, Godzilla, The Happening, etc etc..have in common?? Guys, there are many cities in that are located within disater prone geographies, but it seems Hollywood has a penchant of depicting disater themed movies in (according to my...
  5. Спорт, культура, розваги
    А кто какие фильмы любит и смотрит? :) Из моих любимых - Заводной Апельсин, Бразилия, Бегущий по Лезвию, Солярис (оба), Сталкер, Дозоры, Дитя Человеческое, из нефантастики могу назвать только Курьер Карена Шахназарова.
1-5 of 24 Results