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  1. Mumbai-मुंबई

    Pic by: Towering Goals
  2. Rate Our Visions
  3. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    The World's Best Skylines Ranking by Egbert Gramsbergen and Paul Kazmierczak has just been updated for the 2013 year. It mathematically ranks the worlds largest skylines. (Forum Moderators, if this thread is located in the wrong subform, please let...
  4. Skyscrapers
    We already have an underrated skyscrapers, as well as overrated skylines thread, so this seemed like the natural progression. Which skylines do you think are better than they are generally given credit for? Feel free to back up your assertions with statistics, pictures, etc. Here are a few of...
  5. Proposed Supertalls
    Imperial Tower is a 116-story residential building next to two existing towers in Mumbai, India. At 400 meters, it will be one of the Mumbai's tallest building, and will serve as a prototype for future tall towers in this densely developed but currently low-rise city. The tower's form is...
  6. Proposed Supertalls
    Cross Posting from the India-Section: Lates Pics site-pics, cross posted from the India section:
  7. DN Archives
    From the Indian forum -
  8. Skyscrapers
    Nathani Heights is a skyscraper, presently under construction in Central Mumbai. This project involves the redevelopment of century-old chawls (dilapidated residential buildings). Here's the initial update provided by the project developer, Nathani Parekh Constructions: The project...
  9. Skyscrapers
  10. Highrises
    Building type: Commercial (Office Buildings) & Film Studio Concept Parinee I is a 21st century office tower designed by world renowned architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture International at the heart of Mumbai. Uniquely this dynamic 160 metre tall tower is designed to provide ultra...
  11. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    source scroll----->
  12. Maharashtra
    MSRTC Updates,Developments,Photos & Discussions The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation is established by State Government of Maharashtra M.S.R.T.C. Buses Total Buses 15500 Simple Buses 14022 City Buses 651 Semi Comfortable 544 Mini Buses...
  13. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    This was during my stay in Oslo between 2006 & 07. My first ever stay outside India was in this posh little city of Oslo. It is a different world out there. I come from the city of Mumbai. In comparison everything in Oslo was like a mini toys. Buildings, clubs, metro. But the major difference...
1-14 of 65 Results