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  1. Baku
    The first oil tanker museum of the world was opened in Surakhani, Baku on March 1st, 2021. The museum was converted from a retired oil tanker which served in Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company for decades. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and first lady Mehriban Aliyeva attended the...
  2. North and South America
    One Thousand Museum Miami, USA 213.1m/ 699ft 60 floors Residential Zaha Hadid Completed 2019 photos by Marcanadian One Thousand Museum by Marcanadian, on Flickr One Thousand Museum by Marcanadian, on Flickr
  3. Queens & Bronx
    another large scale project in the Bronx, this time attached to the Hip Hop museum which has been in the works for some time. L+M to build hip-hop museum, giant affordable housing complex in South Bronx
  4. The Construction Forum
    Geffrye Museum Hoxton E2 Planning application: Hackney 2016/1057 Official website: Development Facts Address: Geffrye Museum, Kingsland Road, London E2 8EA Architect: Wright & Wright Architects Developer: The Geffrye Museum...
  5. Projects & Construction
    Градсовет утвердил строительство музея современного искусства в Алматы
  6. Projects and Construction
    Award-winning architect picked for downtown Dallas cultural center Steve Brown September 10, 2015 Full Article From the City Council Meeting - William (Bill) Butler Principal, Pelli Clarke Pelli
  7. South
    Claudio Bravo Palace Source See more at : See more at : Terriermichel
  8. Bochum
    Das Eisenbahnmuseum in Bochum-Dahlhausen soll zu einem nationalen Eisenbahnmuseum ausgebaut werden. Das Konzept des renommierten Museumsplaners Hans-Günter Merz liegt vor. Für eine niedrige zweistellige Millionensumme soll das Museum ausgebaut werden, um dann künftig mit den Großen der Branche...
  9. Industrial Ages
    Bencich Palace | Buenos Aires, Argentina
  10. Midwest and Plains
    To conclude the Detroit leg of my Midwest 2013 Photo Tour, I took time to visit one of the finest art museums in the world, the Detroit Institute of Arts, located in midtown Detroit in the cultural center area. The DIA was established in 1885 and the building was completed in 1927 in the...
  11. Photos
    Brownsville, Texas keeps surprising me with all the amount of history, parks and museums it has; obviously not as other bigger and more important cities such as Austin or Dallas, but the most for all the Rio Grande Valley cities. First, a stop at Brownsville's Museum of Fine Art, which had an...
  12. Tehran
    samee'i is a man we should be proud of! btw, the new building is just like the one he made in germany , INI institute which he is the head of its the shape of a human brain renders...
  13. Kiel
    Nicht gerade mein Metier, aber finde, die Kunst im öffentlichen Raum hat nen eigenen Thread verdient. Gemeint ist Modernes wie Historisches (also auch Denkmäler). Mangels Kamera kann ich zwar seit ner Weile nix Fotografisches mehr beitragen, aber Anlass für die Thread-Eröffnung soll das hier...
  14. Београд
    Тема о обнови Народног музеја у Београду.
  15. Culture
    Si vous avez des questions à propos des théâtres, des bibliothèques ou des médiathèques, du prix des billets, du développement des infrastructures ou des suggestions. Faites les ici.
  16. North East England
    Beamish Museum - The North of England Open Air Museum. Coverage on Skyscraper City . . . The North of England Open Air Museum at Beamish has been covered frequently on the "Culture & the Arts - Galleries, Theatres, and Museums of Newcastle & the North East " thread, on the Newcastle Metro...
  17. Newcastle Metro Area
    . It occurred to me that there is still one or two gaps in our coverage of the various types of "cultural activity" that take place in Newcastle and the North East Region. We have individual threads covering our Restaurants, Pubs, Football, Entertainment Venues, Music Venues, etc . . In those...
  18. Berlin
    Feierliche Wiedereröffnung in der Hauptstadt Das Neue Museum in Berlin ist 70 Jahre nach seiner Schließung wiedereröffnet worden. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel sprach während der Feierlichkeiten von einem „großen Tag für die Kultur.“ Ab dem Samstag ist das Museum, in dem die berühmte...
  19. Berlin
    ©bingmap eingefügt und bearbeitet von mir(Ludi) Die Diskussion um ein "Museum des kalten Krieges" reißen nicht ab. Für ein Museum des kalten Krieges hatten sich in der Vergangenheit schon...
  20. Stuttgart
    Mercedes World Mercedes Center Mercedes Museum Webcam @