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  1. Southeast
    Pigeon Forge in Tennessee has its own energy. Check out Hollywood away from Hollywood at the Wax Museum
  2. Manila City and the rest of the Metro
  3. Edinburgh
    Plan for £8m Granton Motor Museum Edinburgh Evening News - 2nd August, 2013 A Madelvic Electric Carriage, circa 1900 (Edinphoto) The site in 1936 (RCHAMS) The Madelvic offices and remaining factories today (Granton History).
  4. North East England
    Beamish Museum - The North of England Open Air Museum. Coverage on Skyscraper City . . . The North of England Open Air Museum at Beamish has been covered frequently on the "Culture & the Arts - Galleries, Theatres, and Museums of Newcastle & the North East " thread, on the Newcastle Metro...
  5. Liverpool Metro Area Culture Uncovered - Your Questions Answered What is the European Capital of Culture? The European Capital of Culture programme gives Europe an ideal opportunity to celebrate the culture of Europe's great cities and to involve the...
1-5 of 5 Results