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  1. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Greater Dandenong City Council is calling for nominations for Council’s Arts Advisory Board The City of Greater Dandenong plays a key role in the planning, development and support of arts and culture throughout the city. The Arts Advisory Board will support the vision for arts and culture across...
  2. Speakers' Corner
    A thread to discuss London's music scene. Are there any lesser known local artists, music venues or events that you would recommend? Perhaps it's only right to start the thread with a song widely considered to be the best about the city:
  3. Uganda
    I'll start with Keko from Tororo. She's signed to Sony Music: :dance:
  4. Newcastle Metro Area
    Since this particular site looks highly likely to be sold off, I thought it might be pertinent to create a thread specifically about what is quite an iconic building in the centre of our city, and about what may become of it (whether converted into some other use, or torn down as a likely prime...
  5. The Lunar Society
    I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard and Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade - they're two of the most heard/seen/downloaded songs each Christmas, they were both first released in 1973 and they're both by bands formed here in the West Midlands - Wizzard in Birmingham and Slade in...
  6. PhotoScape
    feel free to post anything related to cultural fests and dance and food and music, theater, cinema etc from iran or from outside which is relevant to iran keep it happy :) its been a while, tehran hosted a "national regional music fest" , folklore performances from all over iran
  7. Sport, Culture and Events
    EUROVISION 2012 IN AZERBAIJAN The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 will be the 57th annual Eurovision Song Contest. It will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, following Azerbaijan's win in the 2011 Contest with Eldar & *****'s (Ell/Nikki) song "Running Scared". The preliminary dates set for the two...
  8. Canada Urban Issues
    I always like to see what people have been listening to lately. So, what is it? :) I've been playing Freelance Whales' album Weathervanes and Ra Ra Riot's new album The Orchard on constant repeat. Here's some links...
  9. Razno
    In this thread I am going to represent 100 best worlds ballads of all the time. Enjoy: 1.Bonnie Tyler - It's a heartache 2.Roxxie - It must have been love. 3.Berlin - Take my breath away. 4.Scropions - Wind of change. 5.Anna - Donna con te 6.Roxette -Listen to your heart 7.Bryan Adams- I do it...
  10. Speakers' Corner
    Song for 2012 plus other music ideas So what do people think? I myself would say a safe bet would be something classical, trying to be too modern and youthful may backfire and come across as patronising. We have some great...
  11. Newcastle Metro Area
    Thought I'd start a new thread here specfically about music. Ideas for discussion could include new and existing bands, live music venues and even the possibility of a new north east music festival (in addition to evolution). Below is a list of bands from the Tyneside area (Sunderland music is...
  12. La Masia
    Inauguro el fil de la música catalana, ja sigui en català o feta des de Catalunya! (Que no del Palau de la Música Catalana, això en podem parlar al fil dels indesitjables XD)
  13. Newcastle Metro Area
    I see Zavvi have announced they are closing immediately another 15 stores in the UK - and surprise surprise one of them is Newcastle, Northumberland Street. So another prominent empty store in the city centre- I don't know how the owners of Monument Mall havent gone bust themselves- the mall is...
  14. Archive
    Time to Continue.... from Music Box (Part III) Lagu apa ya Go??
  15. Canada Urban Issues
    Here is a thread for us to pay tribute to Canadian music, from coast to coast! Doesn't have to be a famous singer, and can be from any type of music or era. PLEASE POST ONLY ONE EMBEDDED VIDEO PER ENTRY. FOR MULTIPLE VIDEOS PLEASE ENTER IN SEPARATE ENTRIES. I'll start it off with the oddball...
  16. Ojajôh?
    Rotterdam heeft al vele artiesten en bands voortgebracht, maar ook labels, studio's, muziektempels, poppodia, etc heeft Rotterdam in overvloed. Binnenkort opent Watt zijn deuren (oude Nighttown), mijn inziens een goed initiatief waar er meer van zouden moeten komen! Wellicht is het leuk om in...
  17. Ajman
    Location: Plot CC06 Information:
  18. 1001 Nights Cafe
    OK, post some lame music clips from your country just for the fun of it: Sedat/Horoz
  19. Liverpool Metro Area Liverpool is Magic City !!! Bridge: Liverpool is magic city ! Liverpool is magic world ! Verse: Ships cover miles all aboard ! Forget your work and school, The time has come, the time is here, To see great Liverpool ! Bridge: Liverpool is magic city...
  20. Birmingham Metro Area
    Upcoming Concerts/Gigs Alicia Keys The NIA 28 Feb 2008 Editors The NIA 29 Feb 2008 Westlife The NEC Arena 12 - 13 Mar 2008 Clubland Live The NIA 13 Mar 2008 X-Factor Live The NEC Arena 18 - 19 Mar 2008 Daniel O'Donnell Spring Tour 2008 The NIA 8 Apr 2008 The Beach Boys The NIA 11...
1-20 of 26 Results