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  1. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Greater Dandenong City Council is calling for nominations for Council’s Arts Advisory Board The City of Greater Dandenong plays a key role in the planning, development and support of arts and culture throughout the city. The Arts Advisory Board will support the vision for arts and culture across...
  2. Speakers' Corner
    A thread to discuss London's music scene. Are there any lesser known local artists, music venues or events that you would recommend? Perhaps it's only right to start the thread with a song widely considered to be the best about the city:
  3. Uganda
    I'll start with Keko from Tororo. She's signed to Sony Music: :dance:
  4. Newcastle Metro Area
    Since this particular site looks highly likely to be sold off, I thought it might be pertinent to create a thread specifically about what is quite an iconic building in the centre of our city, and about what may become of it (whether converted into some other use, or torn down as a likely prime...
1-4 of 110 Results