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  1. Asia and Australia
    The Scene Johoku Nagoya, Japan HEIGHT: 160m/533feet FLOORS: 45floors COMPLETION: 1996 ARCHITECT: ?
  2. Asia and Australia
    The Lions Mid Capital Tower Nagoya, Japan HEIGHT: 162m/535 feet FLOORS: 47 fl COMPLETION: 2009 ARCHITECT: takenaka corporation
  3. Asia and Australia
    Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers Nagoya, Japan HEIGHT: 170m/570feet FLOORS: 36 floors COMPLETION: 2008 ARCHITECT: Nikken Sekkei
  4. Asia and Australia
    Nagoya Lucent Tower Nagoya, Japan HEIGHT: 180m/600 feet FLOORS: 40floors COMPLETION: 2007 ARCHITECT: ?
  5. Skylines & Photography / スカイラインと写真
    I recently spent a month in Nagoya, and would like to share these few photos: Nagoya Castle From Midland Tower, Nagoya Station, Home of Toyota Motor Company (Apologies for the glare) Toward northern Nagoya, with Kozoji in the far distance Nakamura-ku...
  6. Completed
    Nagoya Dome home to Chunichi
  7. Architettura, urbanistica, infrastrutture
    Questo grattacielo l'ho visto nel thread internazionale, credo sia stupendo! 設計:NIKKEN SEKKEI 2008年完成 NAGOYA:Japan :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  8. Ciudades | Proyectos del resto del mundo
    Aquí dejo información recogida del foro internacional. Es un recopilatorio de proyectos en Tokyo. La verdad que no se quedan nada cortos.. :runaway:
  9. Subways and Urban Transport
    World Expo : 10 Million Passengers Used Aichi Maglev Users of 'Linimo,' main Aichi Expo transport system, top 10 mil. 3 July 2005 Kyodo News The number of people who used a magnetically levitated railway system serving the site of the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi Prefecture has topped 10...
  10. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Japão (em japonês: 日本; transl.: Nihon ou Nippon ) é um país insular da Ásia Oriental. Localizado no Oceano Pacífico, a leste do Mar do Japão, da República Popular da China, da Coreia do Norte, da Coreia do Sul e da Rússia, se estendendo do Mar de Okhotsk, no norte, ao Mar da China Oriental e...
1-10 of 10 Results