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  1. Dubai Project Development
    It seems that this one was released in cityscape I know this one is not in the correct section, but i don't know where to start it so please move it to the right section :)
  2. Dubai Project Development
    Jebel Ali Gardens is one of a growing number of developments in Nakheel’s residential leasing portfolio – a key focus of the company’s new business strategy – which aims to double the number of existing units for lease to nearly 36,000. Designed for people wanting quality, affordable...
  3. Completed Projects
    Nakheel launches Club Vista Mare on Palm Jumeirah 10th February 2013 Nakheel today launched Club Vista Mare, a new, beachfront residential and recreation project to be constructed on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. The project includes 33 studio apartments, on sale from today, as well as eight...
  4. Dubai Waterfront and Palm Jebel Ali
    ARCHIVE: THE PALM JEBEL ALI NAME: The Palm, Jebel Ali The Palm Jebel AliThe Palm Jebel Ali is more of an entertainment destination for both adults and children. The island will also be 50% larger than The Palm Jumeirah, and will include six marinas, a 'Sea Village', a water theme park and water...
  5. Dubai Project Development
    Reposted... Look at the new masterplan for the Palm Jumeirah. The central feature on the trunk has changed to a skyscraper. Keep in mind that the Trunk is about 3km long the tower looks like it will be at least 700meters!!!! Alt-Tab
1-5 of 6 Results