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  1. DN Archives
    Earlier design on left. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Nashville
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hensler unveils luxury apartment building rendering
  3. NASF Archive The Tennesssean
  4. Nashville CP Nashville City Paper
  5. Nashville Developer Tony Giarratana's SoBro apartment tower has been redesigned. New design at right nashville Post
  6. Nashville
    Nashville Business Journal
  7. Nashville
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously as an office tower concept: Nashville Post
  8. DN Archives
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously as "Paramount" a 61 story condo tower: Previously as 505CST an office tower concept: Nashville Post If...
  9. Southeast
    Southeast Skylines Why not a picture thread for your favorite Southeast skylines? Stickied for your convenience! ;) Texas skylines will continue despite the overlap (since there's so many skylines in Texas!) Atlanta Skyline from the south by aaron.davidson, on Flickr
  10. Completed
    Home of the Nashville Predators Opened in 1996 (courtesy of "Chuck Bryant". link) (courtesy of "HoorayParaPulse". link) (courtesy of "Paul Nicholson", link) (courtesy of "Chuck Bryant". link)
  11. Southeast
    Took a trip south a few weeks back and toured Knoxville, TN Nashville, TN, Lexington, Ky, and Huntsville, AL. Here's Nashville!
  12. Completed
    Hello I live in Nashville and was suprised that there was nothing on here about lp field. i can see downtown nashville from my house.
  13. Southeast
    A good read in Garden & Gun magazine about the City of Nashville. More available at: The Sweet Sounds of Nashville By: Marshall Chapman October 01, 2008 There are nineteen towns and cities in the United...
  14. Southeast
    Went flying today and captured a bunch of aerial shots of Nashville. You can view all of them here: But I wanted to share a sampling of them with all of you over here. Enjoy.
  15. General Urban Developments
    West End Summit, two towers: redesigned 2012: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The West End Summit is a 1.15-million-square-foot mixed-use development in midtown Nashville, Tenn. The project includes a...
  16. DN Archives
    Based on the public unveiling today in Nashville, the approved Signature Tower will stand an impressive 65 stories / 1,047 feet tall making it the tallest U.S. skyscraper outside of New York and Chicago. Wow!! :) Additional visualizations:
  17. Nashville
    This is it. It is confirmed from the party this evening that the tower is 1047' with 65 floors. Here are the official pics from the unveiling at The Cumberland this evening. Thanks to barakat over on UP for taking these shots.
  18. Nashville
    Site prep work
  19. Rate Our Skylines
    Nashville, USA poll This is Nashville, the capital of Tennesee, take a look and tell me wut u think.
61-80 of 80 Results