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  1. Área Metropolitana
    Este "thread" busca resaltar las llamadas "Tierras Altas" o montañas de la provincia de PANAMA OESTE. Este hilo está abierto a fotos, discusiones y debates sobre los pueblos de montaña, la naturaleza y los posibles proyectos que hay o que habrán en estas zonas. Tener en cuenta que este thread...
  2. New York City Area Photos
    thought this would make for an interesting specialized thread. Feel free to contribute with any photos you take or come across. Manhattan from Bear Mountain by Michael Kucinski, on Flickr Photo by Hershel Friedman Frozen Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline under the Tappan Zee Bridge...
  3. General Photography
    Butterfly Valley (Turkish: Kelebekler Vadisi) is a valley in Fethiye district of Muğla Province, southwestern Turkey, which is home to diverse butterfly species. 25 by georgehousefaralya, on Flickr The valley is situated at the foothill of Babadağ, a 1,975 m (6,480 ft)-high mountain nominated...
  4. Jamaica
    The Beauty of Jamaica Bonita Jamaica
  5. Urban Showcase
    Hello, everyone! I'm Drainville from Budapest, Hungary. I take a lot of pictures near lake Balaton, so, in this thread, I'll present them. So, to start this off, here are the first few pictures:
  6. Naturaleza
    Puerto Rico Natural El propósito de este thread es mostrar los distintos paisajes naturales con los que cuenta el archipiélago puertorriqueño. Puerto Rico desde Culebra photowink
  7. Infrastructures sportives et culturelles
    Les récentes discussions sur le bar à vin au sujet de l'environnement et de la présence de nature en ville témoignent bien de l'absence de fil dédié à ce sujet. Ce fil permettra d'élaborer sur ce sujet fondamental quant à la qualité de vie offerte par une ville. J'ai probablement donné le la...
  8. Photo Corner
    Cred că titlul spune totul. Fotografii făcute de noi sau culese de pe internet.
  9. General Photography
    From now on I'll present you all my pics from Austria in only this one thread. So I hope you'll enjoy my pics and for more impressions just take a look on my gallery. :) Hagengebirge - Tenneck [Salzburg] view above the Salzach valley to the Tennengebirge: view down to the little...
  10. Photography
    Let's post images of Uganda's natural beauty..
  11. Photos
    Hello, everyone! As the Nordic and Baltic region is well known for well preserved natural and urban spaces, I would like to create a space for sharing pictures from the less populated, but interesting places that are present in our region: islands, lagoons, archipelagoes and etc., but are not...
  12. Centro-Oeste
    Voltando ao SSC com mais um lançamento comercial do Noroeste Nome do empreendimento: Nature Arquitetura: Estrela Arquitetura Local: CLNW 10/11 Lote F Composição: Lojas + Apartamentos 1 e 2 quartos. Fotos: Fonte:
  13. Дальний Восток
    Природа Дальнего Востока России. От Уссурийской тайги, побережья Японского моря до тундры и Северного Ледовитого океана. Вулканы Камчатки, Курильские острова, мари, болота, сопки, Амур, острова, протоки, озёра. SARIV
  14. Çayxana
    I am very angry with government's response about recent floods in Aran zone. Cities like Salyan, Sabirabad and Agjabadi suffered a lot due poor infrastructure. Water levels in Azerbaijan's major river, the Kur, are the highest they have been for a decade. Azerbaijani official points finger at...
  15. Photography Corner
    hi everyone! just wanted to share my photos to everyone here @ SSC. Critiques and Compliments are all welcome!
  16. Deutschland
    Hier kommen Naturphotographien rein. :)
  17. Photo Forum
    here you can put photos of Israeli nature photos of rivers, mountains, the sea and anything else that contain Israeli nature. :)
  18. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Algeria, officially the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a country located in North Africa. It is the largest country on the Mediterranean sea, the second largest on the African continent and the eleventh-largest country in the world in terms of land area. It is bordered by Tunisia...
  19. Natural Nigeria
    The Chad Basin National Park (CBNP) is composed of several areas or 'sectors' which are geographically remote from one another. The Chingurmi-Duguma Sector is located in the Woloji and Gulumba Districts, south-east of Maiduguri. It lies close to Waza National Park in Cameroon (IBA CM003). The...
  20. Natural Nigeria
    Located some 15km from Calabar, this waterfall is actually on the Cross River, where it descends in terraces, through the tropical Rainforest. The falling sheet of water is indeed spectacular