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  1. Negev
    Negev, Dead Sea & Eilat - Tourism Development I couldn't find a specific thread for Negev and Dead Sea tourism development. Please merge if there is one. If there isn't one, please make this a sticky. Hotels featured in the clip, upcoming and recently-opened (Hebrew): * Shaharut - Six...
  2. Zagranica
    Witajcie, mam nadzieję, że uda mi się tu wrzucić za pomocą automatu kilka postów. Nie dość, że jest to mój pierwszy wątek przez fotorelacjonusza, to mój pierwszy w ogóle, więc za wszelkie wskazówki dziękuję.
  3. Negev
    Kibbutz Neot Semadar is an artists and ecological agriculture kibbutz in some of the most harsh desert terrain - the Arava Valley, In Israel's Negev Desert, 60km to the north of Eilat. Annual average rainfall: just 30 mm The vision is sustainable living, in some of the most dry and hot desert...
  4. Negev
    Dimona, Uzan at Dimona 12 Units LOCATION: East from ben gurion park. Ela street. STATUS: COMPLETED by Uzan Brothers.
  5. Negev
    Dimona, Civil Centre Renewal STATUS: Under Renovation By Armon Architects.
  6. Negev
    Dimona, Meshi 2 3 Units, 7-5 Floors STATUS: U/C This project is right next to Meshi project in Mamshit neighbourhood By Uzan Brothers
  7. Negev
    Dimona | East Neighbourhood residence | Appd Dimona, Shahar Neighbourhood. AREA: 1,209.66 dunams. BUILDING SCOPE: 655,650 sqm. 3,416 dwelling unit. STATUS: Approved Sites: hebrew only By Armon Architects.
  8. Negev
    Dimona | Meshi | 4 x 5-6 fl | u/c Dimona, Meshi 4 Units, 5-6 Floors STATUS: U/C This project is located in Dimona's Southern neighbourhood by the name of Mamshit. Started late 2011. My guess it reached t/o by now, i don't really know since i haven't been there for some time now to check it...
  9. Negev
    Dimona |Architizers Renewal Project | Planned Dimona, Archirizers Renewal Project. 4 Units, 4 Floors STATUS: Planned The concept of this project renewal, is to deal with all of the above by creating only 4 types of of low cost expanded apartments. Each of these expansions is set on a...
  10. Negev
    Dimona | Rajuan Towers | 13 x 11 fl | U/C Dimona, Rajuan Towers 13 Units, 11 Floors Each LOCATION: First entrance to Dimona on the left. Sderot Herzl STATUS: U/C Rajuan luxury high-rise Towers. Rejwan prestigious project of Dimona offers you all the benefits in one place: about 500...
  11. Photo Forum
    * Push the links to get information about the site Ein Avdat (Avdat Spring) Avdat Shivta Ein Akev (Akev Spring)
  12. Photo Forum
    Be'er Sheva, the Negev's 'Capital' and the largest city in southern Israel, had its name given in the Bible, where it is said that Abraham dug wells in the city (Be'er), and swore his camaraderie with Elimelech, King of Plishtim (Sheva). This shouthern metropolitan is the transportation...
1-12 of 12 Results