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  1. Optical Shop Interior Design

    Client Aim is to design an Interior of Optical Shop into neoclassical Architecture. Shop is of Ground Floor, Mezzanine floor and Lower Ground Floor. With a Display area, Storage area, Sitting spaces and an Office. Interior Design by Review complete project ...
  2. Classic Architecture
    - The Berlin Style - About: This thread is dedicated to the showcase and discussion of buildings in the Neotraditional style which in recent years has become popular in Germany. Because of it's prominence in the nation's capital, I chose to give it the more simple name of "The Berlin Style"...
  3. Architecture
    This thread is for buildings and architecture in the Colonial Revival style. Colonial Revival is the movement where architectural styles from American colonization and independence were brought back. This includes Georgian Revival, Federal Revival, and Neoclassical architecture in the United...
1-3 of 3 Results