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  1. Urban Showcase
    I was organizing my photo archive, collection all the files from different HDs to store them together. What I noticed that I often took pictures of Dutch cities that I really never posted before. Either because I didn't take enough to create a separate thread per city, or because I didn't have...
  2. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Hi! Here's a thread of old architecture of several periods of the History in Europe. I took the pictures in march of 2013, and I'll be posting them in this order: 1. Rome, Italy 2. Milan, Italy 3. Venice, Italy 4. Florence, Italy 5. Pisa, Italy 6. Genoa, Italy 7. Paris, France 8. Versailles...
  3. Cycling
    Cycling in the Netherlands Bicycle Lane versus Walk Lane by Tom's Shots, on Flickr Bicycling is big in the Netherlands, as most people know. Dutch people cycle 14 billion kilometers per year, almost as much as they travel by train. It's the third most used transportation mode after driving...
  4. Travels Abroad
    Greetings, and welcome to my thread :) A week ago I've been to The Netherlands for about 9 days, and this time I finally got to see the country better. I've been there before, but only to Groningen and Maastricht, which are both far from the "core" of the country, and were only short day trips...
  5. Más allá de la Cordillera
    Chicos AL FIN puedo hacer un thread del viaje que hice con mi vieja en Febrero pasado. Ella jubiló, recibió un poco de plata y yo el año que no estuve en la U me dediqué a shrabajar de lo lindo. Fue una experiencia inolvidable y quiero compartirla con vosotros. A lo mejor encuentran muy nada...
  6. Reportage dall'estero e focusbar
    Desire di '99, su Flickr Leidseplein Mon Amour di '99, su Flickr Chemical Trails di '99, su Flickr Mono di '99, su Flickr KGB di '99, su Flickr
  7. Mundo Afora
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  8. Urban Showcase
    Enkhuizen is a small town (it has not even 20 000 inhabitants) in the northwest of the Netherlands (North-Holland province; West-Frisia region). What is a charming tourist town today was a powerful harbour city in the 17th century. The old town reflects the long and rich history of Enkhuizen...
  9. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Please --> No more than 5 pics per post, thanks! Symi, Greece source Σύμη / Symi - Greece: let's go painting! por Ath76, no Flickr source Symi Island por Constadinos, no Flickr
1-15 of 74 Results