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    One WTC Freedom Tower
  3. EUA e Canadá: um tour entre a costa atlântica e a costa pacífica da América do Norte

    Além Fronteiras
    Boas pessoal! Cá vai mais um thread para reportar uma das minhas viagens por este mundo afora. Desta vez estive a passear pelos EUA e Canadá (Ago 2019). As principais cidades visitadas foram: Washington D.C., Filadélfia, Nova Iorque, Buffalo, Cataratas do Niágara (Nova Iorque e Ontário)...
  4. NEW YORK | 200 East 83rd Street | 149m | 489ft | 36 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    Another highrise for the Upper East Side. This new tower will likely need to conform with the new 'void area' legislation and floor height limits that will be imposed by the city and state, so we'll have to see if it will remain this tall with under 40 floors. The Naftali Group Files For...
  5. NEW YORK | Hard Rock Hotel | 135m | 442ft | 35 fl | U/C

    Excavation Underway at 159 West 48th Street, Future Home of Hard Rock Hotel, Times Square
  6. JERSEY CITY | 25 Columbus Drive | 191m | 626ft | 57 fl | U/C

    New Tower With Community Benefits Approved for 25 Columbus Drive
  7. NEW YORK | 185 Broadway | 123m | 404ft | 31 fl | U/C

    SL Green pays $18M to buy air rights for FiDi resi tower a rendering which may depict a previous iteration:
  8. NEW YORK | 368 Third Avenue | 124m | 408ft | 35 fl | U/C

    Minrav lands $117M loan for planned Kips Bay resi tower ___
  9. NEWARK | The Halo | 100m+ | 40 fl x 2 | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    Proposal for “The Halo” Reveals Two 40-Story Residential Towers at 289-301 Washington Street in Newark, New Jersey
  10. NEW YORK | Gateway Fifth Avenue | 164m | 539ft | 39 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    demolition was recently completed on this property. Sadly, it was previously a beautiful (albeit slightly dilapidated) 19th century-style building from 1903. The LPC was clearly too busy looking after their own interests to save this historic corner building...
  11. The Twin Towers Alliance

    The World Trade Center
    For anyone who doesn't know, the Twin Towers Alliance is a watchdog organization dedicated to rebuilding the original World Trade Center in New York City. This organization has claimed many cases of alleged corruption among the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and that they're the...
  12. NEW YORK | Hunters Point South Parcels F + G | 187m | 612ft | 57 fl | 110m | 360ft | 33 fl | Prep

    Proposed Highrises
    Gotham + Riseboro's towers for Hunters Point South Phase 2. Long Island City's Hunters Point South phase 2 is back on track Parcel F: Parcel G...
  13. NEW YORK | 52-03-41 Center Boulevard | 179m | 586ft | 55 fl | 150m | 493ft | 46 fl | U/C

    TF Cornerstone's parcels for Phase 2 of the Hunters Point South Project. TF Cornerstone Files for 46-Story 52-41 Center Boulevard in Hunters Point, Queens
  14. NEW YORK | Hudson Commons - 441 Ninth Avenue | 129m | 422ft | 25 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    we're currently late in the game with this project. It was overshadowed by Manhattan West and the Railyard Redevelopment. ____ current progress: Midtown West Construction by Rick Sands, on Flickr
  15. NEW YORK | 7 Platt Street | 141m | 464ft | 37 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises ____ Moinian Group Bags $40M Land Loan From Signature Bank for Site of Future FiDi Tower
  16. Kips Bay | 368 Third Avenue | 124m | 408ft | 35 fl | U/C

    Itzhaki and Continental scrap plans for Kips Bay tower, sell site for $64M 35 floors, 408' filed for.
  17. NEW YORK | JPMorgan Chase World Headquarters | 434m | 1425ft | 57 fl | Demo

    Proposed Supertalls
    I just saw this while reading the morning news: JPMorgan Plans New Manhattan Headquarters for 15,000 Workers. Source: Bloomberg. The new building could be as much as 500 feet taller than the current building 270 Park Ave, which is 707 feet (215m). That would yield a 1200 footer! Excerpt...
  18. NoMad | 30 East 29th Street | 194m | 639ft | 46 fl | U/C

    +1 tall highrise for the neighborhood south of the Empire State Building. At least one of these buildings will be torn down and replaced, so let's hope a good design will come along with the height. Rockefeller and Mitsubishi file plans for 46-story NoMad tower
  19. Clinton Hill | 550 Clinton Avenue | 103m | 337ft | 29 fl | App

    Brooklyn & Staten Island
    pretty tall for the neighborhood.
  20. Downtown | 267 Broadway | 45 fl | Pro

    Reveal for 267 Broadway, 42-Story Mixed-Use Tower Coming to Tribeca