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  1. Northeast and MidAtlantic
    Silver Creek is a village on Lake Erie in Chautauqua County, close to Erie County. The population is around 2,600. Silver Creek began as a small shipping port on Lake Erie in the early 1800s. Shipping declined in the mid-1800s when railroads were laid down in the area. Later in the 1800s...
  2. Proposed Highrises
    aka 98 DeKalb Avenue
  3. Skyscrapers
    LIC building boom continues. This one should be 200m+. Stawski files plans for 66-story LIC resi tower
  4. The World Trade Center
    Hi there, so I've been trying to find real footages of the red areas. Any help?
  5. The World Trade Center
    te Where did they lead to? I can only assume to maybe parking garages? The PATH maybe?
  6. The World Trade Center
  7. Skyscrapers
    These are the top 20 skylines in my opinion. #20 - Sydney, Australia Source: Sydney Skyline II, Opernhaus Sydney, Jörg DICKMANN · Kunstfotografien · YellowKorner #19 - Montreal, Canada Source: Montreal Skyline - Picture of Montreal, Quebec - Tripadvisor #18 - Paris, France Source: Paris...
  8. NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
  9. Highrises
  10. Fotoforum
    New York City – mei 2022 Het stond oorspronkelijk op de planning voor maart 2020, maar ja iets met Corona en een brandhaard, dus dat ging toen niet door… Maar geduld is een schone zaak dus na ook goed PCRtestresultaat stond er niets meer in de weg… ...en de vorige keer was 2004 qua bezoek aan...
  11. Zagranica
    Cześć! W końcu po wielu latach wyczekiwania, zmian, przesuwania terminu wyjazdu - udało się :) W maju tego roku dotarłem do Nowego Jorku i przez 10 dni chłonąłem miasto krok po kroku. Zapraszam do śledzenia! Spis treści: [ Tu będzie kiedyś spis treści ;) ]
  12. Video Showcase
    Manhattan, May 2022
  13. Highrises
    One Times Square is receiving a new facelift... again and it looks awful.... again The New Year’s Eve ball-drop tower, watched by thousands of wide-eyed Times Square holiday revelers, will soon be for fun for visitors inside, too. Owner Jamestown plans a half-billion-dollar transformation of...
  14. Scale Models
    Hi everyone, I’m looking for the paper model of the 225 West 57th Street also known as the Central Park Tower.
  15. New York City
    The Long Island Motor Parkway was a road that went from Queens to Lake Konkomkoma, for a stretch of around 45 miles. It was opened in 1908, and was financed by William K. Vanderbilt II, great grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt envisioned a road, separated from other roads, for car...
1-20 of 486 Results