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  1. Wellington city finally gets 3D view in google maps

    Wellington,174.7886772,886a,35y,270h,44.67t/data=!3m1!1e3 Looks likes its confined to the city centre only. Upper Hutt and parts of lower Hutt are also included. I wonder how long until other regions get included. Wellington is such a lovely city.
  2. The most beautiful Railway

    Taieri Gorge Railway Locale Eastern Otago, New Zealand Dates of operation 1991– Predecessor New Zealand Railways Corporation Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) Postcard from Parnassus by Chris Walters, on Flickr Taieri Gorge railway 4 by Raewyn Peart, on Flickr Day 17 - The Taieri Gorge Train...
  3. New Zealand Transportation thread

    Using the search function, I couldn't find a NZ thread/forum to match our Australian chit chats, so thought I'd create a thread. If there is already a thread or sub-forum, then please place the following post in there thanks.
  4. Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

    General Photography
    Cathedral Cove is so beautiful. Photo source: Cathedral Cove, New Zealand
  5. Christchurch, New Zealand: The Garden City

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND CHRISTCHURCH 23 JAN 11 by Urban+Explorer, on Flickr CHRISTCHURCH 23 JAN 11 by Urban+Explorer, on Flickr CHRISTCHURCH 23 JAN 11 by Urban+Explorer, on Flickr CHRISTCHURCH 23 JAN 11 by Urban+Explorer, on Flickr CHRISTCHURCH 23 JAN 11 by Urban+Explorer, on Flickr...
  6. Autumn in New Zealand

    City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Autumn is the best season. Walking in Arrowtown by KTandCoffee, on Flickr Cottages by Paul Simpson., on Flickr An Arrowtown Autumn by AC84, on Flickr Red Leaves by point of you, on Flickr Autumn Leaves by XpresMe, on Flickr Queenstown by calium, on Flickr The photo shoot by EddyF, on...
  7. The Ascott Metropolis | AUCKLAND | 155m | 39fl

    Asia and Australia
    The Ascott Metropolis Auckland, New Zealand HEIGHT: 155m/516 feet 138m without spire FLOORS: 39fl COMPLETION: 1999 ARCHITECT: ?
  8. Wellington: San Fran meets Hong Kong in New Zealand

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Wellington East Panorama by Kiwi Frenzy On Location, on Flickr 0834 - Pano Wellington Botanic Gardens - Wellington, New Zealand by Traveling Man - Shepherdstown, West Virginia, on Flickr Wellington cable car and city below by eleanorparkes1, on Flickr Wellington by Anke L, on Flickr Te Rā o...
  9. Auckland - New Zealand

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    Auckland Skyline by nwyngard, on Flickr auckland at Dusk by E Smithwick, on Flickr Bastion Point / 08 by -stereographic-, on Flickr Auckland Gold by Kokkai Ng, on Flickr Good Morning, Auckland! by Gerrit Wenz, on Flickr Auckland skyline sunset by Kenny Muir, on Flickr Skyline by Vince_21...
  10. A journey through Middle Earth

    In december heb ik samen met mijn vriendin ruim vier weken door Nieuw Zeeland getrokken. In dit topic een beeldverslag van onze reis door Midden Aarde. 1. Onze eerste stop was Hong Kong. En wat doe je als je een overstap van zeven uur in Hong Kong hebt? Juist ja, snel de stad in! Helaas...
  11. Rugby 2013: Super Rugby | Rugby Championship | Bledisloe | Six Nations

    The Sports Club
    Time to get geared up for the 2013 season. Bit of a different setup for the schedule this year because of the British & Irish Lions tour. There will be two weekends where ONLY Australian teams play - including the first round on the Feb 15/16. This is so they can have a bye during the tour...
  12. FIBA Basketball World Cup

    WOOHOO!!! FIBA Asia Championships moved here in Manila!! :dance:
  13. Australia and New Zealand

    General Photography
    AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND Australia and New Zealand are two neighbouring countries located in the Pacific Ocean. With similar cultures and an almost identical way of life, inhabitants of AUS and NZ get the best of both worlds with isolated wilderness and bustling and lively cities: the largest...
  14. Rotorua, Natural Spa of New Zealand

    The Urban Tourist
    When it comes to Hot Mud Pools and Hot Spring Geysers, few places on Earth can beat Rotorua. Located in New Zealand, Rotorua is a hotbed of geothermal activity and home to the world famous Pohutu Geyser located at the tongue twisting town of Whakarewarewa. (taken by me) Whakarewarewa is the...
  15. RUGBY Thread

    Sports Center
    Spectacular start prompts ticket sales surge More:
  16. Queenstown and surroudings (New Zealand) 16-23 July 2011

    Urban Showcase
    Hi All Here are the photos of my recent one week holiday to queenstwon in New Zealand. Please comment as much as you can and feel free to ask questions Queenstown by Piero Damiani (Off to Queenstown NZ for holiday), on Flickr Queenstown by Piero Damiani (Off to Queenstown NZ for...

    Urban Showcase
    Febuary 22 2011. 12:51pm. Christchurch was a beautiful, historic city. We all took it for granted. At that moment in time our city changed forever. New Zealands second largest city of 400,000 people had spent the previous months recovering from a 7.1 earthquake which came to us on September...
  18. [AUCKLAND] New Zealand

    City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Issue # 07|05 [30 MAY 2010] - 15°C SUNDAY, 13:00 Partly Cloudy AUCKLAND[CITY+NEWS] MONOCLE MAGAZINE RANKS AUCKLAND 20th BEST CITY FOR [QUALITY OF LIFE] FOR A 2nd YEAR IN A ROW The International Design and Culture bible, Monocle magazine, has for the 2nd year in a row ranked Auckland as...
  19. Skylines of Australia & NZ (Part III)

    City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Part II Reminder - Please remember to post the source! ----------------------------------- Picture time :) Sydney Perth
  20. Amazing Pics: Amazing Pictures From New Zealand

    The Urban Tourist
    Nueva Zelanda: imágenes de sueño