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  1. Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK

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    Hi Folks, Here are a few images from Newcastle.
  2. Newcastle: the jewel in the north.

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    I have decided to relaunch this Newcastle thread. Two reasons: firstly, I accidentally deleted some files from my Photobucket account; and secondly, I was not happy with many of the photos that I had posted earlier on in the thread's life. Newcastle Upon Tyne is a city in the far north-east of...
  3. Newcastle Upon Tyne - North East England

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    Hi, I'm an expat southerner, from West Sussex, who has lived and worked in and around Newcastle upon Tyne since 1992. I have lived in the city centre for the last 5+ years and been a member of this forum and regular photo taker for the last 3 or 4 years. I have my own hobby website, Facebook &...
  4. Newcastle upon Tyne

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    My photo offering is a walk around the city centre, a visit to the 'Great North Museum' and a trip to the 'Ouseburn Farm' which is located a less than a mile east of the city centre. Please check out my other threads from the same trip: Tynemouth - Village by the sea Hexham - Typical...
  5. Tynemouth, England

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    Tynemouth is situated on the coast approximately 8 miles east of Newcastle upon Tyne. Photos were taken Sunday 13th May. Unfortunately some of the aquarium shots are a little blurry as they dont allow flash photography........... to add to this I forgot to walk down my favourite street! Oh well...
  6. Hexham, England

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    Hexham is a typically idyllic English market town with a population of about 11,000 it is located 30 Minutes west of Newcastle upon Tyne by car or train and is surrounded by lovely countryside.... and as a bonus it has a 13th Centry Abbey in the centre! Hexham Old Gaol below is one of the...
  7. Newcastle Quayside, UK

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    Photographs from mainly East Quayside in Newcastle: Hope everyone enjoys the photographs!
  8. RETAIL MEMORIES : from times past in Newcastle and the North East

    Newcastle Metro Area
    . Quite often on this Forum, people have recorded their memories, often from their childhood, of many interesting SHOPS (or other retail activities such as pubs or cinemas, etc) that have been a major part of their young lives, or their parents or grandparents lives - BUT, they are no longer...
  9. Newcastle by a Dutchman.

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    More than a year ago, in April 2009, I visited Newcastle. I found it a really interesting, very beautiful city, with attractive contrasts and good new architecture. I published my photos earlier on the Dutch forum, but after they disappeared from the internet a few months ago (no flickr...
  10. NEWCASTLE 900 - The Celebration of the 900th Anniversary of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1980

    Newcastle Metro Area
    ...Newcastle 900... This is the "Newcastle 900 THREAD", recording the Celebrations of Newcastle's 900th Anniversary in 1980 . . . This thread amalgamates into one place on this forum ALL of the many Newcastle 900 posts that have been made around the forum, on different threads, over the...
  11. BOOKS - about Newcastle and the North East

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Share your favourite/best loved/most interesting books.
  12. The DEPARTMENT STORES of Newcastle - of the Past, Present and Future.

    Newcastle Metro Area
    . The Department Stores of Newcastle The below list of 'links' to each store was actually compiled as an INDEX towards the end of the thread (see Post 231). But it has now also been inserted into here (into this first post) as it also makes a very useful "CONTENTS PAGE" here at the...
  13. Remembering HISTORIC NEWCASTLE - Old Photos, Maps, even Stories . . .

    Newcastle Metro Area
    CALLERS FURNITURE STORE on Northumberland Street was destroyed in a huge fire on 30th November 1969, but was re-built on the exact same spot and re-opened in 1971 . . . For those of you who do not know about this famous Newcastle store, the name of the shop was pronounced ‘CAllers’ and not...
  14. Newcastle aan de Tyne

    Newcastle is een van die steden die allerhande "stedenbanden" is aangegaan. Zo heeft de stad een stedenband met ons eigen Groningen. Natuurlijk zeggen zulk soort stedenbanden niet veel over een stad, en de verschillen tussen Newcastle en Groningen zijn enorm, één ding hebben de steden wel...
  15. PHOTOGRAPHY of Newcastle and the North East - Current photos, mainly taken by Forum Members

    Newcastle Metro Area
    ALL THESE PHOTOS ARE THE PROPERTY OF AND WERE ORIGINALLY POSTED BY TownPlanningNE Load of photos TownPlanningNE took today while walking around the city centre...
  16. Hadrian's Wall

    Classic Architecture
    The taxing riddle behind the building of Hadrian's legacy 10 May 2008 The Times Source : The Romans invaded Britain in AD43 but Hadrian's Wall was not built until about AD122, following the Emperor's visit to Britain. Thousands of soldiers are...
  17. Old PHOTOS THREADS from Circa 2005 - Found elsewhere in SSC and merged in 2013

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Heres some pics from about 2 weeks ago on a nice sunny day, some were taken from both areas and some from the Viewing Platform at the Baltic.
  18. Newcastle - UK

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    Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, UK: