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  1. Birmingham Metro Area
    Thought I'd make a thread for Hospital, Medical and Healthcare investment news, It is definitely an area which Birmingham excels in Heres the latest investment..
  2. Completed Projects
    This isn't new but there is some sort of clearance work taking place on the site so this may be due to start construction soon... Developer: NHS Architects: One Creative Environments Planning ref: 2009/01952/PA Location map: Site plan: Front elevation: Renders: front: back: :)
  3. Otros temas | Actualidad social, económica, etc.
    La marca "Heinz", de salsas, ha retirado el anuncio tras recibir cientos de quejas por ser "ofensivo sobre todo para los niños". En el anuncio aparecían 2 hombres con un niño y una niña, los niños se marchaban al colegio y los 2 hombres se daban un "pico" de despedida... Porqué? Además, no es el...
  4. Completed Projects
    Well I hope I'm right in assuming these pics I took are of progress so far, a massive crane on skyline. I'll start with existing Q.E. any ideas of what will hapen to this?
1-4 of 5 Results