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  1. Projects and Construction
    Does anybody have any data or updates on the Oshodi Bus Interchange? How many terminals are open? How many routes are now in full operation What is the operations like? Is it run professionally and along with international conventions? Any information on ticketing?
  2. South West
    Ground was broken for this Project this November, so I’m creating a thread for us to monitor its progress. Here are pictures from the rail thread. Ground Breaking of Kojola Wagon Assembly Plant on 9 November 2019
  3. Africa: General Discussion
    "Even as Nigeria’s central bank stepped in to limit the naira’s devaluation on the first day of trading without a peg, the market is signaling there’s plenty of room for more declines. The naira tumbled 29 percent to 280.5 against the dollar at 5:07 p.m. in Lagos, the commercial capital. The...
  4. Naija Club Forums
    Hi all, I just moved to Tampa and I am interested in meeting up with fellow Nigerians. I don't know if there is a Nigerian community per se. I need to network etc and get my bearings about the city. I grew up in London, England. All help would be most appreciated. Thanks,
  5. General Discussion
    Post oil and gas news, topics and debate I though this was interesting :picard: FG has signed $51.8bn MoU for construction of 10 new refineries¨C Allison-Madueke By BusinessNews Staff on May 10, 2013...
  6. Naija Club Forums
    A thread highlighting start ups for Nigeria (local/abroad) Ideas and Advice for doing business in Nigeria Advertise current business plans
  7. General Discussion
    Airtel’s African operations are owned by Bharti Airtel Limited, a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa. Below are the list of vacant positions at Airtel Nigeria; * Senior Officer, SMS * Assistant Manager, Prepaid Acquisitions *...
  8. Highrises
    World Trade Center Abuja Phase 2 37 Floor: 158m (Preliminary Stage) } WTC Twin Towers - Complete 2015 35 Floor: ?m (Preliminary Stage) Phase 1 22 Floor: ?m (Stage: 16 Floor~) AAA Office Tower - Complete 2013 22 Floor: ?m (Stage: 16 Floor~) Service...
  9. City/Metro Compilations
    ******************* Ikoyi Luxury Flats | COMPLETE ***** Victoria Mall Plaza | U/C | Mixed-Use | 15f, 13f, 3f There are 2 residential towers and one office tower. The 2nd phase finished in November of last year.. Images from UAC of Nigeria Plc
  10. Photo Forum
    :lol: A series of threads on the traditional/pre-colonial regions This thread is on the traditional religion of the Igbo people of South Eastern Nigeria, though not as well known as its Yoruba counterpart, bits and pieces of it can be found still today in SE Nigeria as well as parts of the...
1-10 of 116 Results