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  1. Proposed Supertalls
    The Mayor of Monterrey Adrián de la Garza, has announced the next Supertall of México: RISE Tower, which will be the next tallest Skyscraper in Latin America and one of the tallest of the American Continent. RISE TOWER: ¡Congratulations to all Regios! 🤩🥳 No pandemic seems to stop them.
  2. Subways and Urban Transport
    ...Work in Progress... Streetcars have a very interesting history in North America. Once the main public transport mode, then gone almost extinct, finally since 1985 the rebirth. Here should be discussed the systems of North America that don't have a specific thread. But first please help me to...
  3. Guess the City
    O K, this is my turn to create a dedicated GTC Thread for the United States of America :) N O T E: This is a post and guess thread. Here are the Rules; You get to earn: 1 points for guessing the right U.S. State ( There are currently 50 States in the U.S. plus Washington, D.C. and other...
  4. Guess the City
    Guess the City, North America! Point System Right Country = 1 point (2 guesses) Right City = 3 points (3 guesses) Right Location in city (BONUS) = Extra 2 points (1 guess) Rules Follow the point rules. Don't double post If you live in that area, it would be appreciated if you don't...
  5. United States Urban Issues
    Mine are: 1. Toronto 2. Chicago 3. New York City 4. Vancouver, BC 5. Houston 6. Seattle 7. Miami 8. San Francisco 9. Honolulu 10. Minneapolis/St. Paul
  6. Bridges
    Bridge Construction Cams Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge - Dallas, TX San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge Amelia Earhart Memorial Bridge - Atchison, KS John James Audubon Bridge, Louisiana Galena Creek Bridges (I-580), Nevada New Mississippi River Bridge (I-70) - St. Louis, MO Hoover Dam...
  7. Urban Showcase
    In the grand tradition of TB's Toronto and Gappa's Melbourne, I thought I'd try my hand at a Montreal thread. I'm always trying to get as far away from Montreal as I can, but I figure while I'm here I may as well make the most of it and show off this beautiful, frustrating, fascinating island...
  8. Sports Center
    I'm surprised we don't have a cycling thread yet. Well its spring and many people are starting to take out their bicycles and storing their skis/snowboards away. It was 20c today, the warmest day of the year so far so I took out my bike hoping to ride for a couple hours, but my tires were...
  9. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Canadian Arenas- The worlds best! Canadian Arenas- The worlds best!
1-9 of 17 Results