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  1. Manhattan
  2. Proposed Highrises
    aka 98 DeKalb Avenue
  3. New Jersey
  4. New Jersey
    so this is happening? photos from U/1Pichi
  5. Proposed Highrises
    This project evidently has a ton of square footage to work with and thus may end up much taller. Something to keep an eye on.
  6. General Urban Developments
    It's finally here: a finalist for the reconstruction of the worst place in NYC (yes, worse than Penn Station) has been selected...
  7. Proposed Highrises
  8. Proposed Highrises The Brutal River Park Towers currently are the record holders for tallest in the Bronx, the tallest at 44 floor and 428ft. This could potentially surpass them. Harlem...
  9. Highrises
  10. New Jersey
    Cranes in place for the new heart of Stevens Institute, Hoboken's only higher education facility
  11. Manhattan
    Another Tower Plan for the Seaport: 'There's Going to Be Fierce Opposition'
  12. General Urban Developments ___ I think it's unlikely this will remain a supertall, if it is even built at all. Nevertheless, we have another legitimate supertall proposal for downtown. Another Tower Plan...
  13. Proposed Highrises
    685 Foot & 245 Foot Towers Proposed Next to Cathedral in Logan Square
  14. Northeast and MidAtlantic Development News
    Center City Investment to Develop 296,000 SF Spec Office Building in Allentown
  15. Highrises progress photo by JC_Heights on the YIMBY forums
  16. Proposed Highrises
    Renderings Revealed as 61-Story Tower at 900 Broad Street Approved, in Newark
  17. Highrises
    the first highrises slated to rise at Schuylkill Yards. 3001 + 3025 JFK Boulevard
  18. General Urban Developments
    another riverfront project for Robert AM Stern on Manhattan's West Side. rendering: Related’s Robert A.M. Stern-Designed 555 West 22nd Street Making Quick Headway in West Chelsea...
  19. Highrises
    ABC's new Manhattan digs. The highest occupied space will hit the neighborhood's height limit, but mechanical bulkheads could bring the total height above 100m, like some of the new residential towers in the neighborhood, Disney files plans for a 19-story headquarters in Hudson Square
  20. NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    first look at New Rochelle's new tallest courtesy of nramacciato on the yimby forums.
1-20 of 69 Results