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  1. PROJECT | Regjeringsbygg 6 (R6) | 45m | 12fl | Completed

    Regjeringsbygg 6 (R6) The government block is getting a new addition with 440 office workspaces, it allows the ministry of environment to move to the same location as most other ministries. Total size of project is 21.500 squaremeters - will cost 900 million NOK, and completion is stipulated...
  2. Godøy, Noorwegen; Walkabout - Part I

    Ik zat al een tijd te twijfelen, ongeveer 7 jaar :), of ik eens een fotoreportage zou posten van mijn vakantie paradijsje maar er kwam altijd wel iets tussen. En gezien het hier nu al de hele dag regent dacht ik laat ik maar es beginnen en kijken waar ik uit kom.. Om te beginnen wat...
  3. DRAMMEN | Byutvikling og byggeprosjekter | Development thread

    Facts about Drammen - County capital of Buskerud County - Located 40 km southwest of Oslo, where Drammenselva meets the fjord - Population: 60.000 in municipality, approx 90.000 in metro - Important road, railway and seaport juncture Short history of Drammen: Drammen was founded in 1811...
  4. Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien) Norway

    Between Molde and Kristiansund...[email protected]/3560221207/
  5. Tyholt Tower | TRONDHEIM | 128m | 3fl

    TV and OB-Towers
    Tyholt Tower Trondheim, Norway HEIGHT: 128m FLOORS: 3 floors COMPLETION: 1985 ARCHITECT: ? The tv-tower has an observation level at 75 meter, and a rotating restaurant at approximatly 80 meters height. Diameter of the concrete tower is 7 meters. The artistic cape was added in 1997.
  6. IceCheese' photo mess!

    I will use this thread to post different pictures I take on random trips. Those trips may be me walking some streets of Oslo and the greater Oslo-area, and they may be me on trips to other destionations that can be all around the globe. Most pictures will be of an urban character, though. I...
  7. MOSS | Oslofjorden Maritime Senter | 67 m | 20 floors | Pro ‎

    Proposed Oslofjorden Maritime Senter Moss - Østfold A year ago Kanalen Eiendom presented sketches of a lighthouse-tower of 60 meters, now they have grown. This is the 3rd highrise proposal for Moss, and the other 2 are hotels, so naturally it's not realistic to get all 3 built, but we can...
  8. Photogallery of Oslo

    Hello, I am a hobbyphotograph and i take a lots of pictures in Oslo. I like to share them with other on internet, so if you want a "roundtrip" in Oslo you are welcome to my Photogallery :-) This is photos from Oslo and Akershus: And here you...
  9. Hardanger Bridge, Norway

    Contracts has been signed, and 26 february construction started on the Hardangerbridge project. The lengt is 1380 meters, and the span is 1310 meters. Sailingsheight is 55 meters and towers reach 186 meters. The bridge will have to lanes and a with of 7,5 meter for the roadway, and a...
  10. OSLO | Krystallklar (Crystal Clear) | 116m | 29 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    Krystallklar (Crystal Clear) Oslo - Norway Danish C. F. Møller Architects, in collaboration with Norwegian Kristin Jarmund Architects, has won a major competition to design a spectacular new landmark project in the city of Oslo, for the client KLP AS, one of Norway's largest property...
  11. Pictures of Spitsbergen, Svalbard

    General Photography
    delete pls
  12. Photochromes of N&B

    Photochrome journey through N&B in 1890 Found these postcard pictures (photochrom) taken in 1890 interesting enough to make a thread about it. Most photos is from Norway. They were taken by American tourists in 1890-1900 and have been published by The Library of Congress in Washington DC. The...
  13. OSLO | OperaKvarteret

    General Urban Developments
    OperaKvarteret Bjørvika, Oslo - Norway OperaKvarteret is a phase of Oslo Fjordcity development (similar to Hamburg's Hafencity). The project involves a cluster of 12 buildings with offices, housing and retail. Dark Arkitekter AS won the competition for the plan in 2003 with their design known...
  14. Kristiansten Festning | Trondheim, Norway

    Imperial Eras
    Kristiansten Festning (Kristiansten Fortress) Trondheim, Norway Kristiansten Fortress is located on a hill east of Trondheim, Norway. It was built after the city fire of Trondheim in 1681 to protect the city against attack from the east. Constructed finished in 1685. It fulfilled its purpose...
  15. Akershus Slott | Oslo, Norway

    Imperial Eras
    Akershus Slott (Akershus Castle) Oslo - Norway Akershus Slott (English: Akershus Castle) was completed in 1299, but have much have been added to the castle after battles and wars, especially between 1593-1646. The fortress has successfully survived many sieges, primarily by Swedish forces...
  16. Operahouse | Oslo, Norway

    Modern Times
    The new Operahouse in Oslo by norwegian architects Snøhetta. The building won the first prize at this years World Architecture Awards in the categorie "Culture". by RennyBA from by montel2007 from by ausfi from by marjelchen from by...
  17. 6150 km in 14 days: RV17 - The Coastal Highway.

    6150 km in 14 days: RV17 - The Coastal Highway The other thread didn't reach page 3, so I decided not to cram too many pictures there and make a separate thread for this part of the trip. Again, this leg is marked in red: RV17, also called Kystriksveien (the coastal highway) connects Bodø...
  18. Bergen, Norway

    Bergen, Norway Hei! I've been lurking around here for a while now, mostly here in the N&B section, and I must say I admire your photo work, guys! :cheers: Unfortunately though, I've noticed a dangerous lack of Bergen on N&B, so I'll cover this gorgeous city for you right now! :) Now, I'll...
  19. Ålesund & The Sunnmøre Alpes

    Ålesund & The Romsdalen Alpes Ålesund & The Romsdalen Alpes A short thread from places you have seen before if you ever clicked into my threads! Went back to favorite areas south of Trøndelag, down Sunndalen and Romsdalen, which is in the middel of the Romsdalen Alpes. Then to Molde and...
  20. Halden, Norway

    Halden, my hometown has about 20.000 inhabitants and it's core is situated in a Narrow valley where a river runs into a Fjord. With the Fredriksten fortress watching over it. It began as a sawmill site, with timber floating down the river and getting shipped. It's where industry first came to...